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Medical Weight Loss Atlanta Versus Fad Diets

8/17 16:53:09
The health industry faces a bigger challenge as more people are falling into the weight gain trap. Various weight loss products, services and programs continue to come out as more studies are conducted on the effectiveness of these methods. Some have withstood the competitive battle while a few survived for only a few days, a few months or years. The few good ones stayed for being helpful on Weight Loss Atlanta. A proven method is the medical weight loss Atlanta that is incomparable with the fad diets.

Classified as an illness, obesity is harmful to the psychological and social development of a person as well as being a health risk. Instead of seeking out medical help, most obese and overweight individuals fall back on personal trainers and celebrities?exercise routine or fad diets. This is attributed to advertising hype as well as those coming from the other forms of media.

The Medical Weight Loss Strategy Explained

A scientific method to weight loss and attaining your ideal body weight, the medical weight loss strategy is supervised by a physician.

The physician creates a medical weight loss program in cooperation with a nutritionist, a psychologist and a qualified personal trainer that is customized to fit your requirements and condition.
This program does not only help you to address your problem of obesity. It also allows your doctor to conduct further medical examinations to rule out any existing health conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or Hashimoto抯 thyroiditis so it can be treated appropriately. These illnesses can contribute to your weight gain even if you are already following a diet plan and an exercise scheme. Such diseases will hamper your goal of weight loss if left unattended.
Diet pills Atlanta may be prescribed by your doctor if deemed necessary.
Bariatric surgery may also be recommended at a later stage so long as you are a qualified candidate.
Also known as therapeutic protocol, the program offers you choices one thing at a time instead of giving you fad diets or fitness trends.

Fad Diets Strategy Explained

A trendy or fashionable diet, fad diets promise to lose weight rapidly and easily. They were advertised appealingly thus enticing obese and overweight individuals to their alleged outstanding results.
This type of diet does not require you to check on your calorie intake or perform any exercises. It just requires you to follow the regulations and your extra weight will automatically drop.

Weight management problems are better discussed with your doctor rather than patronizing the advertisements?claims on easy and rapid method of weight loss. You also need to realize that each of us is different and what works with someone may not be effective for you.

Do not fall for weight loss products that offer you instant results. Chances are they are pure publicity, which may provide results quickly but are even more dangerous to your health.

The Medical Weight Loss Atlanta is more scientifically reliable and consistent as you are handled by a medical and licensed doctor. It is not merely media hype or propaganda.

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