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What 9 kinds of foods to lose weight most in winter

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Cabbage belongs to kale, kale is rich in dietary fiber, can promote defecation, and reduce body fat. It also is rich in high vitamin U can repair the gastric mucosa, can eat more in cold day. In addition to frying and other cooking ways, drink cabbage juice is also a good way to absorb more fully, eat with honey also has the role of good anti-dry.
Can eat carrots lose weight? In winter we tend to eat meat more, it is easy to get angry, especially in dinner, if eat with radish, or some dishes put radish as ingredients will be able to "put out a fire" for body by the characteristics of radish.
At night eat radishes also help digestion, without causing the belly bulge. Radish mustard oil is synergistic effect with enzyme, can promote intestinal peristalsis, defecation, rapid discharge of waste and toxic gas in intestines, you can sleep comfortably.
In winter weight loss can also eat kelp. Kelp taste salty, is ideal detoxifying food of reducing phlegm, anti-inflammatory, and defecate. Iodine in kelp is absorbed by the body, which can promote the discharge of harmful substances and diseased material. Kelp also contains a kind of substance called polysaccharide sulfate, can absorb the cholesterol in the blood vessels, and excrete it, to achieve the result of weight loss.
A lot of people think that drinking milk will make you fat faster. In fact, it is just the opposite. Milk can relieve heat-toxicity and remove the liver-fire. And milk contains up to about 70% moisture, and can supply the water the body lost due to heavy sweating.
Honey is recognized as the cuisine nourishing the physical and detoxifies. Honey taste is slightly sweet, rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, fructose, glucose, high-quality protein, potassium, lactate, oxidase, and other various elements, it has significant effect in laxative and detoxifies. Get up in the morning, first drink a cup of honey water, can effectively be detoxification to reach the effect of beauty and slimming.
The cucumber tastes fresh and delicious, in addition to the efficacy of thirst and clearing heat and removing toxicity, it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, nicotinic acid, adipic acid, cucurbitacin and soft fine fibers and other ingredients, also can be detoxification. And arsg in cucumber can promote human metabolism. At the same time has some effect on weight loss.
Can eat potatoes lose weight? Compared with other staple foods, starch potato contained is not much. For example, the heat of baking potatoes is lower than rice, steamed bread, and bread, and produces stronger satiety. This is because potato contains high water content, in which starch is only about 20%, and is also rich in soft dietary fiber is easy to make you have satiety. Eat potatoes instead of white rice, white bread, eat much, it is difficult to make people obese, or even weight loss.
In addition, the vitamin C content of potatoes, is not more 1/3 than green pepper, but the starch has the protective effect in vitamin C, the loss of vitamin C of potatoes is very little in the cooking process. It put potato as a staple food, even you no longer eat other fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C can basically meet the needs of the human body.
Pumpkin is rich in crude fiber, vitamin A and retinol, has good role for these people who are often overtime and stay up all night to use computer, besides, pumpkin contains much potassium, and the ratio of potassium and sodium, the ratio of calcium and magnesium is very reasonable, can balance the salt concentration of the body fluid and eliminate edema.
Pumpkin can be directly as staple food, such as steamed pumpkin, or mix with flour to do pumpkin pie.
Baby vegetables
In winter a lot of people feel out of spirit all day,except for stay up late at night, irregular diet and other factors, potassium deficiency is also a very important reason, baby vegetables are rich in potassium, can regulate the metabolism, help the lower part of the body to lose weight and eliminate edema, but also promote gastric peristalsis and defecation.

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