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The Efficacy of HCG Atlanta to Losing Weight

8/17 16:52:35
Certainly the best technique to lose weight is the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). HCG is pioneered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon in the 50s, it is now receiving the accolade that it rightly deserves. Medical physicians at Shape Wellness Center use the HCG Atlanta method in helping their patients lose weight.

How the HCG Procedure Works

Supervised by a licensed Weight Loss Doctors Atlanta, a small amount of HCG is combined with a diet that is low in calorie content.

The movable fats in the body are detached by the small HCG quantities by burning and discharging these unsolicited fats via the kidneys.
Fatty acids are allowed to disappear as it unlocks the fat cell compartments
It reduces glycogen and lowers glucose in the blood because the diet strictly requires 500 calories each day.
The body is led to eliminate surplus fat resulting to keeping the normal fat for a leaner body mass.
The hypothalamus is reprogrammed to keep your ideal body weight and to eat healthy foods upon completing the HCG procedure.
An estimated 1 ?2 pounds a day is the median weight that can be lost when following the hCG procedure.
Patient feels livelier and healthier.

Misconceptions on HCG Atlanta Treatment

Some misconceptions have been construed on using HCG to losing weight.

HCG pose the likelihood of acquiring diseases. HCG is produced in a sterilized setting that dangers of acquiring diseases are nil. At Shape Wellness center, HCG is given by doctors inside the center.
1. It does not augment fat reduction. The numerous individuals from both sexes who have lost weight through HCG dating back from the 1950s disprove this misconception.
2. It makes you sluggish and takes the strength out of your body. While some may feel less energy during the first week, it actually doubles your energy and makes you feel better than before. The lethargic and sluggish feeling is just a part of the detox response of your body in the cleansing process.
HCG is unsupportive. Given through drops or injections, it signals the body to remove unwanted fat. This generates a quick action from the body抯 metabolism to utilize the calories immediately in one day.
All hCG procedures are the same. Not all hCG procedures produce the same good results. You need to be wary of false misrepresentations by some sellers. A few sell hCG drops or injections that are mixed with other stimulants claiming to reduce weight but in reality they are water-based. Hence, choose a credible and reliable wellness center that employs the services of medical physicians.

hCG is recommended to both sexes who wanted to lose weight and sustain it. To lose weight, hCG is given in various quantities from 125 ?200 IU. Reports of adverse effects from patients who received HCG orally or via injections for weight loss purposes are very rare.

The success of hCG diet injections or oral hCG in the Weight Loss Atlanta program of Shape Wellness Center has been confirmed by its patients. Their HCG procedure also includes fitness exercises that must be followed religiously by the patient. Diet pills Atlanta are also part of their Medical Weight Loss Atlanta courses in addition to HCG.

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