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How to cleverly drink a cup of yogurt daily can lose weight and breast enlarge

8/17 16:52:23
Many women like yogurt, an important reason is that regardless of how much to drink, will not get fat. But do you know drink it also can chest enlarge?
Yogurt and green papaya can be weight loss and breast enlarge
First: Yogurt, condensed milk, and a portion of green papaya, 150ml of sugar-free yoghurt, with two spoons of condensed milk, after stirring, pour into the green papaya. It can be eaten. Taste better after froze in the refrigerator.
Second: Yogurt, and condensed milk, a day before a meal drink 150ml of yogurt with two spoons of condensed milk, stirs evenly and drink.
Third: Yogurt, condensed milk, and the chest massage, when deployment drink, can make more, after bathing, apply to the chest, alternately massage along clockwise and counterclockwise. At least 15 minutes, had better feel chest heat.
However, it is not that no matter how much you drink, will not be fat. It also contains a certain amount of heat. If you eat more on the basis of the original dietary, can also cause weight gain. The best way is to choose skim and low-calorie yogurt, although they don't taste so rich and full-bodied as good as the full-fat yogurt, low in calories, and don't make the calories accumulation to form fat in the body quickly.
How much yogurt every day should drink
It is the most ideal that drinks a glass of milk in the morning and in the evening respectively. But some people are particularly fond of yogurt, often drink a lot of yogurt after a meal, can cause weight gain. This is because the yogurt itself contains a certain calorie, drink yogurt after a meal is equivalent to an additional intake of these calories, causing weight gain. Therefore, in addition to infants and young children, all kinds of people can promote drinking 1-2 cups of yogurt a day (125-250 ml), had better drink after meal half an hour to an hour, regulation of intestinal flora, is benefit to health.
Yogurt can be tepidity:
Someone said yogurt should not be heated, is worried that kill the most valuable lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, its role is to produce lactic acid, increase acidity in the intestinal tract, and can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and reduce spoilage bacteria to produce toxins in the gut, if only heat treatment on yogurt, instead will also increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria, and its unique role in health care will be even greater. So, yogurt can be drunk after heating. You can put yogurt into warm water about 45℃ to slowly heat, when feel warm, you can drink.
Since ancient times, green papaya is the first breast good fruit, because contend rich papaya enzymes and vitamin A can stimulate the secretion of female hormones to help breast enlarge, papaya enzyme can break down proteins, promote the body's absorption of protein, with meat consumption, the effect is best.
Yogurt does have some weight loss effect, mainly because it contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria, can effectively regulate flora balance in body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and thus relieve constipation. Long-term constipation have a certain relationship with weight gain. And drink yogurt will have a strong sense of satiety.

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