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Why Get a Mini Face Lift ?

8/17 16:52:20
Skin droopiness is one of the main components in facial aging. When skin droopiness combines with facial aging, it makes us look older and more tired. Even though there are a number of solutions for skin droopiness, a mini-lift would be a right choice for you if you have pronounced skin droopiness or sagging, especially in the lower part of the face. Mini facelift surgery is basically designed to improve the advanced facial aging in the mid-face, lower eyelid and cheek. The surgery helps to re-establish facial balance thus giving an overall lift to your neck and lower third of the face. Mini facelift, also known as mini lift, limited-incision facelift, S lift (short scar lift) is a highly effective technique used to freshen up your natural beauty and to improve your self-confidence.

Who is a Mini Facelift Candidate?

Generally peoples those who tend to be between the ages of 40 and 60 want to deal with some of the loose skin on the lower part of their face are the ideal candidates for a mini facelift. Other good candidates may be those who have recently lost a good deal of weight, and want to tighten the loose skin, which was a result of the loss. Good candidates are generally in good health, and don抰 smokes or tan too excessively, as this will undo all the benefits obtained by a mini facelift. Also, ideal candidates for a mini facelift have strong jaw and cheekbone structure, for a good foundation.

Mini facelift is a good and effective procedure, with more advantages than traditional facelift. This technique produces better cosmetic results with minimal scarring that is nearly invisible, and this one of the great advantages.

Mentioned below are some other advantages of the mini facelift:

* Natural-looking results
* Minimal bruising or swelling
* Same-day results
* Minimum downtime
* Lower cost than a full facelift

As with all surgery, in mini facelift also there are some risks associated such as of hematoma, infection, skin discoloration, or poor wound healing. Costs for mini facelift can vary widely, but in general mini facelift cost includes fees charged by the hospital, by the surgeon, and by the anesthesiologist. You抣l probably also have to pay for some testing and for some pain medications. Mommy Makeover has many experienced and talented plastic surgeon in Danville specializes in mini facelifts and other mommy makeover procedures. We are here to help you. Reveal the new you by coming to Mommy Makeover center today!

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