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8 weight loss methods easily reduce excess fat

8/17 16:52:20
A lot of girls have trouble losing weight, how to lose excess fat? In order to lose weight, many of my friends tried various weight loss methods, in the end what kind of weight loss method is suitable and effective for us? Here introduced the following eight easy ways to lose weight!
TIPS 1, don't eat anything after 20:00
Although we all know that we should have dinner as early as possible, up to 8:00 especially after 9:00, eat food cannot be time to digest, easier to heat build-up, if every night does so, your figure will soon not hold!
Absolutely not eat after 9pm. And try to end dinner before 8:00, which is the basic rules of diet to weight loss. Protein increased dramatically after 20:00, if not promptly digestion, promotes the accumulation of body fat, so it had better finish eating dinner before this time. In addition, we should not eat supper, otherwise it will make the constitution more easy fat, and low metabolism.
Tip 2, sitting in a chair can lose weight
The working environment of the modern women is generally sitting in office 8-10 hours a day. Edema fat will soon visit you.
In fact, as long as you make good use of time and equipment, you can do exercise to lose weight sitting in a chair. The most important thing is to correct sitting position, shallow to sit as far as possible, stretch upward lumbar spinal cord, bend the knees together, and don't tilt legs. After work, stretches yourself more time. Not only can relax but also can stimulate the muscles.
Tip 3, drink a glass of water before meals
Before meals, drink a glass of water, preferably warm water, can neutralize stomach and prevent overeating, at the same time stimulate the gastrointestinal to make function quickly open, the food will be able to more effectively digest after eating, does not accumulate in the body and then detoxification constipation can be improved.
It is noteworthy that, try to avoid ice water. Ice water will make a sharp decline in body temperature will even slow metabolism, you want to improve physical fitness, will bring bad effect!
Tip 4. Daily pays attention to abdomen
The abdomen is the biggest headache in the number of obese site, the waist is very likely to have fat, after visceral fat accumulation, they will form a small belly, not free intestinal, and constipation detoxification problems come one after another, so, as long as you solve belly problem, a lot of the problems of obesity can be solved!
Do more abdominal exercise, improve the abdominal muscle, usually sit and stand up straight, more abdomen and more breathing, after a bath, massage waist, which is very helpful in promoting the systemic circulation!
Tip 5, Choice of sugar, brown sugar is better than sugar
We also know that in the weight loss, it is necessary to appropriately control the sugar-rich food, if cannot eat, instead will be the formation of stress, overeating, and rebound weight loss problem is waiting for you.
Therefore, the choice of sweets, try to choose foods brown sugar as a raw material, do that sugar and calories can be greatly reduced, in their cooking, beet sugar, honey or oligosaccharides instead of sugar, then the effect is even more good.
Tip 6, brisk walking burns calories
We say that walking can lose weight, was also said to have little effect, in fact, there is a misunderstanding here, so-called "walking to lose weight" is not a simple walk, although the walk can burn calories, walking to lose weight is very particular!
Want to lose weight by walking, lies in walking speed, walk a little faster than usual, brisk walking, correct the posture, first heel down to the ground and solo full touchdown, upper body straight, waist tightening, reaching the effect of slightly sweat. If you want to improve exercise effect, arms are swung dramatically up, stick on walking more than 15 minutes each time.
Tip 7, know what food is easy to cause fat
According to each person's body, different food plays a different effect on their own body, should be wisely choose their own diet food, from the inside to outside, effectively improve physical fitness, in order to get the figure that you want.
For example, the cold physique crowds do not eat too cold food, because it will make the body temperature further decline, metabolic imbalance, will not be able to consume more calories, the body of wastes and toxins can not be completely discharged, people who are easy fat physique will be more serious!
Tip 8, massage to lose weight to improve the first impression
Some people after weight loss, weight really reduced, fat rate also fell, but still looked very swollen, may wish to adopt the massage to improve posture.
Through the pulp of the finger, all fingers, hands and other parts, focus on massage, graze, pressing the abdomen, legs, arms, face and other parts, allowing the body to restore balance, the elimination of edema, looks slimmer.

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