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How to effectively control the appetite - six tips

8/17 16:51:59
During the time of weight loss, do you often think the food is calling you, and often have the desire to eat? Be careful, if you are always at this time, "I believe you feel about food, follow your desire to eat", it is not a good thing for weight-loss plan. Is it too hard to resist? Do not believe the idea, you just do not know the good way. Here to share with the campaign strategy that may be effective against "appetite" psychologist thinks.
1 Do not postpone dinner time
Some girls take mistakenly endured hunger not to eat, until they cannot bear really is conducive to weight loss. In fact, this is the wrong approach. When a person is so hungry that they gobble if they see the food, and has been eating until can't eat, first not to mention the number of how much she eats, only the eating speed will cause some burden on the stomach. This approach will ultimately lead to overeating, weight gain, so the first step of controlling appetite is to eat when hungry, do not postpone dinner time.
2 Extend the time to eat
The so-called extended time to eat is to have a meal slowly. Fine swallow slow pharynx. According to the research findings, the same food, chew more times, heat will become less, and when we chew food slowly, the body will send a signal of fullness, suppress appetite, so as to achieve weight loss goals. So try to poltophagy when have dinner.
3 Beat ears can control appetite
According to TCM theory, all parts of the body are connected. It noted that the human ear has an acupoint connected with the controlling appetite center of the brain, namely hunger point, located above the earlobe, repeatedly pressing this point we can reduce appetite.
4 Do not eat under pressure
Some girls liked overeating if unhappy, which is an important reason often caused by obesity. Pressure usually affects a person's mood. Bad mood will blindly eat, unconsciously eats more. And girls most like to eat french fries, soft drinks, ice cream to vent their feelings, these foods are an important reason for causing fat accumulation, so for their own sake, we should try to avoid eating under pressure.
5 Eat fruit or sugar before eating
Studies have found that eating fruit before meals or sugar can reduce appetite and avoid eating too many calories. This is because fruits contain more cellulose, these things will be an expansion with water after entering into the stomach, giving a sense of fullness, thereby reducing appetite and prevent excessive intake of calories.
6 To selectively eat snacks
Most girls love eating, so if make them give up snacks, it is extremely painful. However, most of them are high-fat and high heat food, which is detrimental to weight loss. Therefore, we might as well use beans instead of snacks.
The broad bean is nutrient-rich, in which the dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, it is a good diet snacks. And it is low in calories, also easy to produce a sense of fullness, thereby controlling appetite.

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