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Lose Weight Over The Holidays ?Is It Even Possible?

8/17 16:50:59
According to national statistics, the average weight gain over the holidays is 7 pounds. We all deal with it and it seems we are never able to lose it all after the holidays are over so it is weight we may carry with us for a lifetime. Most of us accept it as a given but, does it have to be this way? Is it even possible to not gain weight if we participate in the Yuletide events?

Yes! It is possible to not gain weight over the holidays. It is even possible to lose a pound or two if you address the most important temptations?hunger and cravings. How can we not give in to those delectable Christmas cookies? That homemade fudge your co-worker brought to work? The food gift-basket that came in the mail? Your other favorite foods that you associate with Christmas? The answer is that you don抰 have to rely on will-power this year or ever again. No one has to be superhuman. If you do it right, it could actually be pretty easy to not gain weight this season. If you have something that eliminates hunger and cravings you can enjoy your holiday favorites without overdoing it and worrying about weight gain.

There are lots of ideas for foods or products that curb hunger. My choice in products eliminates both hunger and cravings and it is one of the cookie diets. A cookie diet is perfect for helping you control your eating during the holidays. The cookies eliminate hunger and cravings so they help you stay in control of your eating. The key is to actually eat the cookies! Start each day with a couple and it will set the tone for the rest of the day. Have one or two about an hour before you go to that holiday party and you won抰 graze the food table. Those two cookies will go a long way in dissuading you from having that third piece of fudge or the second bowl of cheese dip! Plus, the first few bites of anything are always the most enjoyable. With the cookies satisfying hunger and cravings you will be able to take 2 or 3 bites, enjoy the flavor, and then be able to stop before you actually force the rest of it down.

Be careful though. Not all cookie diets are created equal. Do your homework and make sure you choose the best one for you. One is so high in carbs and sugar that it will actually make you hungry and crave more carbs about 30 minutes after you eat it. Three others are low enough in carbs but only one of the three effective brands is the lowest and contains no sugar. It happens also to be the least expensive!
So enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty, and take part in all the social events going on. Don抰 feel left out! You have a plan and a powerful tool. Just two specially formulated cookies will eliminate hunger and cravings from the picture and temper the inevitable overindulgence temptations.

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