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5 Myths On How To Tone Up Arms

8/17 16:39:25

Figuring out how to tone up arms can be hard with all the free and subpar information out there. In fact, I believe that many women are utterly lost when it comes to finding the right approach.

I can tell because of all the emails I receive.

Now before you kick yourself in the butt, understand that it’s not all your fault. You see, clever marketing and the endless promotion of bogus products has created a surplus of faulty information.

So here are some common misconceptions on how to tone up arms:

1. Working out every day is best. I strongly recommend NOT working out every day. This will leave you burned out, unable to get sleep and absolutely dreading the whole process. Your muscles and nervous system need rest in order to progress.

2. One arm is stronger than the other, therefore something is wrong. This is completely normal. In fact, I’ve never worked with a client whose arms were equally strong. The good news is that over time this difference will equalize.

3. I should be able to do 15 repetitions for every set. 15 repetitions is not the magic number to tone up your arms. In fact, you should experiment with much lower repetitions to fully work all your muscle fibers. This will bring you accelerated results.

4. You should never get tired when working out. This is not true. And expect to get extra tired whenever you are breaking a personal best. The only time you should stop is if you start feeling queasy or sick. Otherwise keep on pushing through so that you get maximum benefit from your workouts.

5. If you’re sore a couple days after exercising, something is wrong! This simply means that you had an intense workout-just what you need to do to tone up those arms. And keep in mind that this delayed soreness will decrease as you eat better and your body learns to recover faster.

Please steer clear of all the marketing hype out there. Stick to unbiased sources of information and learning how to tone up arms will be that much easier. Only then will you get the sexy arms of your dreams!

Highly regarded author, Katherine Crawford M.S., a Harvard fitness physiologist and recent flabby arms casualty, teaches women how to lose arm fat. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog about arm fat right now!

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