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How Your Glands Can Be A Cause Of Obesity

8/17 16:38:50

It is possible that some of your glands might have contributed to your overweight body. Let us examine the possible causes here. The glands in the body are pituitary gland located at the base of the brain,the adrenal gland located above the kidneys,the thyroid gland located near wind pipe,the pancreas gland located behind the stomach,the sex glands located in the reproductive region.

The pituitary gland produces hormones that control sex glands and the thyroid. It also produces two other hormones which control the fat deposit and the release of fat from cells. When these two work in tandem they balance each other. If the hormone that is responsible for the fat deposit is overproduced then the equilibrium is disturbed resulting in more fat deposit.

The role of adrenal glands in our body’s metabolism is an important one. They are two pea sized glands situated near the kidneys. It’s function is to produce twenty important substances such as cortisone. If this gland becomes overactive,it results in a unique pattern of fat deposit in the body such as excessive fat at the hips,upper chest over the spine and the cheeks.

The thyroid gland is situated near the windpipe. It comes under the control of pituitary gland and it produces iodine rich hormone which has fat burning characteristics. An active thyroid gland produces enough of this hormone to keep the fat in check. If for some reason thyroid becomes less active, it results in less production of this hormone causing fat to be stored instead of burned. So an under active thyroid surely contributes to fat and weight gain.

The pancreas gland located near the stomach produces insulin which helps to convert carbohydrates into fat. Insulin tends to store fat and stops the release of the fat, resulting in overweight. Persons who are obese tend to have overactive pancreas gland.

The sex glands in men and women are called testes and ovaries respectively. If the sex glands are removed for some reason such as accident,the man and the woman both tend to put on weight. This goes to show the effect of sex glands on putting on weight and fat.

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