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Does Sublingual HCG Really Work?

8/17 16:37:41

Sublingual means “under the tongue” so sublingual HCG is a kind of the HCG hormone that is applied as liquid and placed under the tongue from where the product is absorbed into your body. Some people claim that oral or sublingual HCG doesn’t work. Unfortunately, many of these claims come from companies or doctors who sell injectable HCG, which is much more expensive than HCG drops.

The proof that oral HCG works just as well as HCG injections can be found by just doing a bit of Internet research. Tens of thousands of testimonials can be found from people who have lost and kept off a large amount of weight on the sublingual HCG drops, when combined what is known as the HCG Protocol.

This includes a very low calorie diet during the weight loss phase and six weeks of maintenance to stabilize the lower weight and set the new metabolism.

Using HCG for weight loss

HCG is a natural substance found in the body of pregnant and menstruating women. It is often used as a fertility treatment for men and women, and sublingual HCG is safe for both. Dr. Simeons discovered that just as abnormal fat stores were released from the body to feed the fetus if food was scarce, this same fat was burned off when people ate 500 calories per day and had daily doses of HCG. With the HCG diet, you burn off around 3000-4000 calories a day in fat, which is why you don’t feel hungry on the low calorie diet.

The objective of the very low calorie diet and sublingual HCG is to lose weight fast. Obesity can cause many chronic health problems, such as diabetes and heart failure, and it is important for people who are obese to lose weight to improve the quality and length of their lives. Oral HCG is a homeopathic remedy that is taken by dropper and placed under the tongue.

How oral HCG is made

It takes 60 drops of HCG under the tongue each day to equal the strength that Dr. Simeons used in HCG injections. Homeopathic sublingual HCG is created by diluting HCG with water and then shaking it vigorously in a specialized process called succussion. This is done many times, and even though the substance has been broken down, it is still as effective as it was in its original form.

If you’re tired of going on a diet because you don’t lose weight or you lose it and gain it all back, sublingual HCG and the HCG Protocol is most likely what you need. You can find everything you need to know about the HCG diet from the Certified experts at MyHCGPlus. You can trust the people there to provide you with legitimate sublingual HCG, made in the U.S., and used by the owners and employees to lose hundreds of pounds themselves, in addition to the tens of thousands of pounds their clients have lost. Not only can you buy oral HCG drops at a great price, you will receive lifetime support.

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