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Oh My Look at My Thighs

8/17 16:37:24

I was looking in the mirror and I just do not look like I used too. Yeah I have had 4 kids so obviously things get wider. But I can not complain I have kept my weight down, never again will I weigh what I did when I was 20 but I can be a healthy weight. Well I want to share some of the things I do to stay in shape or at least keep myself from being completely unfit.

1. Whole grain. I switched to everything whole grain. The amazing part is I can eat less and I feel fuller. Normally I would picked white rice but now I eat brown rice, instead of white bread eat wheat bread. I also love popcorn so I went ahead and bought me a popcorn maker and I make my own popcorn but I eat it plain and not too much in one sitting.

2. Fish and Chicken. I now eat a lot of fish and chicken. Do not fry either of them that is not good for you but grilling is great, George Foreman is now my best friend. I actually feel a lot better now that I do not eat as much beef. I will not lie when I go through my “ladies days” I want some steak but once again do not over do it.

3. NO soft drinks. I do not drink soft drinks. I do drink tea but it is decaffeinated and not much sugar at all. But water is my choice drink. I used to not drink much water and I would get headaches and not feel like doing much. Now I love water and I do not get as many headaches so I am much more active.

4. Fresh vegetables. Once again I was never much of a fan of fresh veggies but I have grown to love them as I have gotten older. I do have a lot more energy than I ever had. I have a steamer I cook vegetables in, they taste great and they do not take long to cook.

5. Exercise. You are thinking I knew this was coming. Well I do not exercise the way most would want but I do stay active. How I keep from putting on weight and staying in shape is by housework. I vacuum every other day, sweep every day, do laundry every day, just those few things have helped me tremendously. The next form of exercise is playing with my toddler, he will keep me going. I would also try walking 3 or 4 times a week. I know it can be hard with kids but do your best, maybe get a treadmill if you can.

Those are the things I have changed in my life that have helped me personally. I am not going off of any personal trainer, doctor, or a book. I do understand that eating healthy can be costly but I had to allot a little more money each month towards groceries. It is hard to keep weight off when you get older but if you just make the gradual changes in your life you will start to notice a difference. Just don’t get discouraged nothing happens over night.

By: Jennifer Haskett of  RobertPattinson.cc



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