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Think Yourself Slim Tips

8/17 16:35:40

The findings from a groundbreaking piece of research undertaken at Harvard University, psychologists have proven that it may be possible to think yourself slim. Their research findings could provide some much needed scientific validation that no diet weight loss is not only possible but probable.

The harvard psychologists investigated a group of 84 hotel cleaners, whose job involved a moderate level of physical activity. Weighed and divided into two groups, a test and control group; the control group were not given any help or weight loss advice. The test group however had been coached to believe that their jobs helped them burn extra calories, made them healthier and helped them lose weight. They had been given a course of talking therapy, hypnosis and subliminal suggestions which prompted them to believe that the jobs they were doing burned calories, made them healthier and made them lose weight.

After three weeks both groups were re-weighed and the data compared. The psychologists were taken aback and amazed; the test group had lost on average two pounds in weight. But not only that, their blood pressure was also lower. The weight of the control group had not changed during the test period.

The successful test group had been taught to think that what they were already doing would give them significant weight loss and health benefits. without the need extra or additional effort or work from them. The chief Harvard psychologist, Ellen Langer, said that ‘The (weight loss) changes were a function of the change in mindset alone’. And concluded that; ‘If you can put the mind in a healthy place, you can have dramatic physiological consequences’. In other words you can lose weight just by thinking about it the right way.

Losing weight without dieting or exercise is not a new or radical idea. It has been the cornerstone of weight loss hypnosis for over the last 200 years, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) since the late 1970’s and more recently subliminal weight loss audio CD’s and mp3 downloads.

All three of these ‘talking cures’ get results as they prompt you to visualise yourself losing weight and burning up calories by just going around doing the things you normally do, during your normal daily activity. Changing your mindset at a this subliminal level helps you to naturally lose weight and without going on a weight loss or calorie controlled diet or additional exercise. So you really do think your self slimmer, tapping into the power of the mind. If you change your mindset there is no need for dieting, no extra exercising, no pills, no supplements and definitely no meal replacements.

Perhps it could feel too easy, the psychologists at Harvard now have the hard research evidence that suggests that it is possible. So why not consider getting a little hypnotic or subliminal guidance to help you lose weight without going on a diet?

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