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Eat Goji berries, Burn fat

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Goji Berries are a relatively new entrant in the weight-loss diets. They are packed with nutrients good for the overall health. Read on to find how to lose weight with this tasty treat!!! A number of fruits have been added to the list of superfruits – the fruits that can do wonders for human health. One of the lesser known superfruit that is gaining prominence in today’s time is Goji berries. Also known as Wolf berry, this fruit is enjoying great popularity in the dieting world.

It qualifies to be called a superfruit as it is extremely rich in antioxidants, the nutrients that can possibly slow or prevent oxidative damage to the body. These poisonous substances can manifest themselves and lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The antioxidants found on Goji berries can catch hold of these free radicals and destroy them, thus averting several problems they can create. Brief introduction of Goji berries Goji berries grow on the evergreen shrubs of the subtropical regions of China, Mongolia and Himalayas in Tibet. They look like red raisins and have a slight tangy taste. Typically, Goji berries are sold in a dried form but its color is bright red.

They include a small yellow seed inside. This berry is widely used in China and is slowly traveling across the world due to its role in weight loss. Role of Goji berries in weight loss To study the role of this berries in weight loss, the Asian anti-obesity research conducted an experiment. They served patients with goji berries every morning and afternoon. Weight loss results observed were exceptional with majority of patients reporting a significant weight loss. An animal study shows that a molecule called polysaccharides in goji berries improve the rates of conversion of food into energy. This helps to quicken the process of burning fat.

Goji berries v/s other fruits on Glycemic Index Fruits that have a glycemic index (GI) of over 70 on the index of 100 are rated as high GI fruits while below 55 are rated as low GI foods. Low GI fruits have a high potential to satisfy and does not tend to increase the appetite. On the GI index, Goji berry is rated 29 while other fruits for instance, Apple (38), Orange (42), Watermelon (72) and Raisins (64), are more on the higher end of the index. Fruits high in GI tend to spike up the blood sugar level and when it is down again, a person starts feeling hungry usually in a matter of an hour or two. As Goji berries have a low GI, they do not spike up the blood sugar levels. Hence, when they are eaten they do not induce hunger pangs more often. Also, the high fiber content in Goji berries leaves a dieter feeling fuller for a longer period.

Other Benefits of Goji berries on weight loss • Increases fat burning metabolism of the body

• Less fat accumulation in the body

• Reduces food cravings

• Impart more energy

• Lowers cholesterol levels and blood lipids

• Enhances insulin utilization and also the blood sugar in the body

• Improves immunity

• Renders better sleep

• Improves eyesight A person can consume goji berries in a raw form just like raisins. It can also be included in tea, soups or made into a juice. Goji berries are easily available in health food shops, online stores and Chinese herbal shops.

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