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You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition

8/17 16:33:13

Have you ever looked at people you don’t even know but can tell they aren’t healthy? Their skin tone may be strange, their complexions poor, their hair dull, and they probably radiate very little energy. They don’t look real. If you were to follow them through their daily routine, chances are good that every meal they ate would be fast food or processed junk food-they’re eating “fake.” And I don’t think you’d see them drinking much water-probably a soda instead, like I used to, and diet soda at that!

Sometimes I’d have three sodas a day. This was when my eating disorder was really kicking in. I know now that the caffeine and the aspartame (artificial sweetener) I was consuming may have contributed to my seizure disorder as well as my downward nutritional spiral.

Maybe this stuff is okay in moderation, but I’m convinced that fake sweeteners give you the impression that more of everything is okay. Consequently, you could lose your ability to judge what a normal portion is. Or what moderation is.

As I learned more about health, people with better eating habits became attractive to me. I wanted to stop drinking the diet soda-but how, when I was so addicted?

I couldn’t go cold turkey, so I traded in my convenience store “Big Gulps” for normal-sized cans of diet soda and sparkling water. I started with five cans and one bottle of sparkling water. I know five cans of diet soda sounds like a lot, but it had a lot less caffeine and aspartame than the “Big Gulp.” And 1 actually found the sparkling water refreshing! Each week I cut back one can of diet soda and added a bottle of sparkling water. Suddenly I didn’t even like the taste of diet soda, but I couldn’t get enough of the sparkling water!

I have always been a firm believer that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. There is so much prepackaged, synthetic, preserved, dyed, “fake” food available that’s full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Yes, I have to admit some of it does taste good. But what is it doing to the insides of our bodies? Do we really know? This stuff hasn’t been around long enough for us to know the long-term effects. That’s why I believe on sticking to “real” food. If it comes out of the ground or off a tree, then I’m going to opt for that.

I do not have anything with a sweetener in my house. And none of those little blue or pink packages. Real sugar, real butter – real food that’s eaten in moderation. This way I know where it comes from, and I feel that I am always teaching myself (and my family) how to keep our?selves healthy so we can maintain and expand our level of fitness.

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