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A No-Nonsense Approach to Losing Weight

8/17 16:32:42

There really is no big secret to losing weight. It is premised on simple logic. If your calorie intake is greater than the calories you burn, then you will put on weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should take in fewer calories and increase your physical activity through exercise to burn more calories. You should also keep yourself motivated and adopt healthy eating habits. This is the difficult part.

What’s important to remember is that regular exercise will raise your body’s resting metabolism. That is, it will continue burning calories not just while you’re exercising but also while you’re doing any physical activity – even just sitting down watching TV, or even while you’re sleeping. Exercise, especially resistance-training, develops your muscles, which burn calories more efficiently. If you have already decreased your food intake, you won’t need to do much else to drop the pounds.

Some people have the misconception that they have to go through a grueling workout daily in order to lose weight. The truth is that exercise or whatever physical activity you choose only has to be done consistently for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You can develop the habit of taking a brisk walk around the block before breakfast or using the stairs all day at work. Buy a pedometer to see the average number of steps you take as you perform your regular activities daily, then set a daily goal. The goal can be increased a number of steps every day until you can walk long distances comfortably.

Cardio and aerobic exercises are recommended for quick weight loss. These exercises will increase your heart rate, thereby increasing the blood supply to all parts of your body. Other activities that can increase your heart rate are cycling, jogging, and swimming. At least 20 minutes of cardio exercises several times a week will show visible results after a short time.

Exercise will not be enough; you also need to change your eating choices and habits. It’s time to choose healthy alternatives to the fat-laden, sugary and salty items that may have been part of your usual fare. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and choose fish or leaner cuts of meat. Replace sodas and processed fruit juice with plain water, and you will reduce your sugar intake considerably for better health.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about losing weight. You only need to follow these steps consistently and integrate them into your daily routine.

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