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There is Help for Binge Eating Disorders

8/17 16:31:00

Therefore , how do you stop a binge from overtaking your life?


In my Online Porgram for women who struggle with food related issues, such as bulimia, compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder I investigate the huge connection involving Perfectionism and Eating Disorders. If you have strong perfectionist tendencies then you could possibly have a particularly tough time striving to walk away from binging. The explanation: You really want to have a 100% flawless day or Nothing – Zero balance.

To be able to find healing in this struggle and to Break THE POWER OF THE BINGE, our focus ought to change. We need to ask the Holy Spirit Each and every day (maybe even on an hourly basis) to assist us to adjust our attention from:

Slimming down to Health and wellness


24 HOURS OF Perfection to a 12 months OF Health and wellness

So what am I trying to articulate?

If you can alter your completely focus (only with the help of God obviously) to not look at your life in twenty-four hour sections of “today-I-will-have-a-perfect-day” but rather look at your progress over a time period of a year, you will not be so devastated by a binge. As soon as a binge loses it’s influence over you, it will start diminishing into the background of your life, until you do not binge anymore.

We are so fearful of those binges simply because it makes us spin out of control. However if we recall each day that a 90% victorious day will provide us with a 90% month, which in turn will provide us with a 90% year, everything will start to adjust.

Do you see that if you chuck each binge in the 10% “failure-basket” and just get on with engaging in the 90% of healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, and drinking a lot of water YOU Are going to HAVE AN Incredible YEAR? You will be healthy, stronger, peaceful and yes some weight loss will be on the agenda.

Nonetheless, if you keep aiming for “100% success days” you will also keep having “100% failure days” (the days when you binge and just keep eating because you’ve already “failed”) This will direct you to the same destination of defeat year after year.

Ask God right now to guide you to adjust your focal point For good! A binge has no influence over you if you know exactly where to “file” it and remember that it’s just a drop in your huge ocean of 365 days!

Please do not wait for January ladies, start asking God right now for that CHANGE OF FOCUS AND CHANGE OF HEART. Even if you do not do every little thing perfect, if you start centering on methods to get yourself healthy and balanced 90% of the time, you’ll certainly feel peace return to your life!

If you want to learn more about How to Stop Binge Eating by yourself then you might want to have a look at my program called “Women Struggling with Food”. This Online Program for women who struggle with food related issues, such as bulimia, compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder can teach you how to stop binge eating for good.

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