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Ways on How to Lose Neck Fat

8/17 16:30:18

Do you not like looking at those pictures and wish you can be skinnier? Do you hate looking at those skin dangling around your neck or the ugly lookinig “turkey flap” on your neck? For most people, the area of improvement is the neck. The neck flap is a sign of obesity and most people tend to have them even after losing weight with all those diet programs.

Neck is the most difficult area to work on fat. Neck is the part that is usually missed out in the fat burning process where the focus is usually the stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks. Having neck fats will make you look fat and old. To lose those hooded eyelids and to lift your jaw line , you need to have firm muscles in front of the neck. Plastic surgery or liposuction can cost thousands of dollars but sometime it would only give you a negative result. It can be dangerous and may lead to serious complications.

So how do we get rid of neck fat? There are many information that you can get online or in magazines on how to eliminate neck fat. Some of the exercises make the neck to big and bulky or sometimes too thin. Another concern is, when you already get a firm neck after a series of exercises, lines on your neck would appear. There is an exercise that can firm up your neck and at the same time eliminate the lines. The exercise is called Gulping Fish. First, put your open hand at the base of your throat, stretched across your collarbone.

Step two, hold your hand down and extend your neck up leading with your chin and stretch with your bottom jaw only going up. Step three, do not swallow but instead try to stretch your bottom lip going up towards the ceiling. Like a gulping fish. Repeat this 5 times.

This exercise is proven effective. Follow the routine within the next few weeks and you’ll notice the difference. This will help eliminate fine lines and give you a firm skin. There are no shortcuts to having a tight skin. It?s no different to any kind of lose fat exercises. Don?t hesitate to lose those neck fat. Gain your self confidence back!

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