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Weight reduction Advice for Overweight Women

8/17 16:24:26

Slimming suggestions for overweight women is usually the key topic I spend time on each day with individuals who experience my Skinny Asian Diet courses. It’s a battle you CAN win, as Asian women have perfected a ton of painless skills over the generations to shed pounds and get a flat stomach…even following childbirth!

Slimming Advice for Overweight Women

At this time we’re going to speak with regards to just one of the many issues that overweight women face when seeking to slim down: Hunger. And then we’re also going to talk about one of the ways that Asian women utilize to keep feeling full the entire day…even when on a calorie-restricted diet regime.

Hunger – The Dangerous Foe

Hunger is a ferocious predator that stalks its victim like a cheetah, leaping out of nowhere and making us eat items we in most cases would have the willpower to stay clear of.

Ever notice how any time you’re hungry you have a tendency to gravitate towards carbohydrate-loaded foods like sugary sweets, or bread?

The explanation for this is that the brain directs signals out to your body ordering it to eat when it senses you need food, and those signals are made to make you want instantaneous satisfaction. To get you to do what the brain wants, it lures you with thoughts and images of what you should eat…even if it’s bad for you…which is why we’re so compelled to stop whatever we’re doing and go stuff our face!

The issue with this is located in the fact that those foods we desire most commonly tend to be easily absorbed, digested, and moved through our system much more quickly than the most ideal food choice available. Which suggests you’ll be hungry again much sooner than you would be if you had picked out a different type of food or snack.

The Alternative – Feel Full All Day

Just one of numerous things Asian women do to fight off hunger all day is by means of eating the right high-fiber, high-protein food that makes your body slow down the digestion process and keep you full, longer.

These foods are everywhere, there are dozens of good examples, but for the purpose of this quick article I’ll give you two of my favorites: Nuts and Tuna.

Nuts, particularly almonds, provide really high levels of both fiber and protein. The impact this has is that just a fistful of them can actually keep you more full, for longer, than a giant piece of super-high-calorie cake or a bowl of pasta.

It’s incredible how long I can go from just say 15-20 almonds, which can very easily be kept in my purse in a small zip lock bag for the perfect in-between meal snack.

Tuna is another great solution, I’ve found I won’t feel hungry after consuming a can of tuna for hours, despite the actual calorie amount being quite low. All the protein in fish tends to really slow your body’s cravings down, to the stage where you’ll nearly double the sum of time it takes you to get hungry again after eating it vs . a bread or sugary food.

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