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Burn fat in Your Thighs - How To Guide

8/17 16:24:17

To lose weight in the legs is a problem most women experience at one time or another throughout our lives. Luckily skinny Asian women have practiced simple and easy tactics to get thin thighs without living on a Stairmaster or going without food until we pass out!

Lose Weight in Your Legs – How To Guide

1. Don’t lift weights, do squats, or walking lunges, these will actually Amplify the dilemma.

Part of the reason why Asian women are so impressive at getting “stick legs” is really because American health clubs and trainers are giving people the wrong information and facts regarding leg shaping.

The basic fact is that you do not want to do any sort of resistance training with your legs, especially the powerful quad muscles that make up your thighs. Unless you wish to turn into a power lifter these drills only serve to fortify and build up muscle density in areas you don’t want it.

Instead you need to follow the Asian model to success: High repetition, low resistance.

To accomplish it, pick either walking or biking, and do it three to five times a week on a Flat surface. No slopes, no sprinting. Just a standard level of effort that you can maintain for a half hour without becoming so tired you can’t carry on.

Attempt to do it for 30 minutes at a time and after a few weeks you can expect to start to see your leg muscles actually thinning out, much like a marathon runner or a competitive bike-rider (ever see Lance Armstrong’s bird legs? Exactly!)

Remember: No weights or unnatural resistance, just repetitive walking and/or biking.

2. Cut the salt out, water-retention is responsible for adding inches throughout your body.

Water retention is usually created by consuming too much salt or sodium, and since both are literally everywhere these days in ultra-high amounts you’re going to have to stay attentive to stay clear of them.

One gram of salt holds ten times its weight in water, ponder that. If we want thinner legs we’re going to have to eliminate the salt, and get plenty of fluids. You got that right, the more water you drink the LESS water you retain, because your brain believes you have sufficient water available so it’s not necessary to store any for an emergency.

Salt is on the no-no list, to mimic its flavor in your food try using lemon juice. It’s a surprising taste substitution and of course perfectly healthy.

If your trouble area lies in your abs, I suggest you take a look at how to drop love handles fast by clicking the hyperlink. For additional information and facts on weight reduction questions about belly fat click the link.

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