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Eliminate Love Handles Swiftly - 2 Effortless Tips

8/17 16:24:16

To lose love handles rapidly doesn’t take as much sacrifice or work as you might presume. Skinny Asian women have mastered many easy strategies to reduce these problem areas swiftly and without going hungry or spending years on a treadmill. Let’s drop that muffin top!

Get rid of Love Handles Fast – 2 Effortless Tips

1. Cut out the liquid calories immediately.

Asian women tend to stay away from soda, wine, fruit juice, energy drinks, milk, and any other calorie-rich fluids when searching for a fast fix to shrinking their hips down.

Sugar is definitely enemy #1 in our battle to get and remain thin, and over recent years the marketplace has been saturated with enormous numbers of sugar-filled energy drinks, fruit juices, so-called “sport” drinks, and everything else under the Sun.

Minimize your intake of any of these to ZERO and within a few days you’ll see a fast water-retention lowering throughout your system. A large number of drinks incorporate salt as well as sugar (hence why they’re so addictive) and water-retention is prevalent in those who drink them.

2. Rub out the fat…literally.

I’ve discussed this Asian technique in prior articles, but it’s beneficial to repeat it here.

Use your hands to massage and break down the trapped fat tissue that makes up your love handles. It’s nearly the same as a deep massage from an expert at a spa, that’s how much force I want you to use when assaulting the love handles. Not enough to hurt, but enough to get the blood moving and the fat to break loose for assimilation back into the bloodstream.

Do two sessions per day, approximately 5-10 minutes per session, ideally once before lunch and once prior to dinner. You should see benefits within a couple weeks, stay with it.

Here’s a good article on how to shed weight in your thighs. This one seems odd but it’s enjoyable, click the link to learn about a good exercise routine for quick weight loss.

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