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1 Week Exercise Program for Fat Burning

8/17 16:20:00

This is an example of one week weight loss exercise program for newbies. It helps folks who plan to drop some weight but have no idea how to start doing regular exercise and creating their weight loss workout programs. If you are one of the people, you’ll be interested in learning more. The goal of following this particular exercise program is to get rid of the excessive fat in your body.

Before performing anything, there are several important things you should know or perhaps perform.
It is recommended to visit your doctor to do a check up and also get some recommendations.
Focus and perseverance are needed any time following any specific weight loss plan.
Warm up before workouts. Always stretch before working out to prevent injury.
Workouts should be reasonable, not too hard, and not too effortless.

Following is the seven day exercise weight loss plan.

Day 1
The 1st day of this workout strategy involves a 20 minute steady walking, it is easy for novices. After walking, a bit stretching ought to be required.

Day 2
You may do upper body exercise as well as light weight training exercise for 20 to 60 minutes.

Day 3
Do the same exercise on day 1, or go jogging rather than walking.

Day 4
Doing some stretching and having a good rest, get rid of all the negative things within your mindset.

Day 5
Start with a few minute walking, then do lower body workouts as well as light weight training exercise around 30 minutes, end up with some stretching or a couple of minute walking.

Day 6
Go swimming, riding a bike, or perform cardiovascular exercises apart from walking and jogging, this could stop a person from getting bored.

Day 7
Go for a long walk as well as do certain types of upper body exercises.

This is just a hassle-free exercise program for newbies. If you can complete the complete exercise program without any problem, it’s best to increase the intensity to a higher level to improve the results.

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