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How to Overcome another Fall back into Food Addiction

8/17 16:16:53

All those people around you that appear to be in full controll and make huge successes of their lives have discovered one thing that you didn’t: how to get up!

The enemy will acquire so much ground in our world if we choose to stay down. The longer you stay in that particular place of guilt and shame the further you could sink. The place where you’ve made a mistake and stumbled can change into a pit of captivity that can easily be your home for the next couple of months or perhaps many years.


1. Please don’t find a diet. A “quick-fix” just doesn’t exist.

2. Don’t beat yourself up about the fall, it serves no purpose.. It in all probability occurred gradually over time and you simply can’t modify the past. Rather devote yourstrength on getting up and continuing to move forward.

3. Don’t start looking for someone to blame. The blame game might very well damage your friendships and help keep you laying down longer…


1. Start with the basics! Diets can not work!, drugs don’t work, extreme physical exercise fails, and starvation just leads to binging and purge. So once again go back to healthy and balanced eating and become a member of a healthy and balanced program for example Weight Watchers.

2. Surrender your food struggle to God.. Healthy and balanced eating is merely another diet if you do not submit it to The Lord! Implementing daily time alone with God would be the most important element to help you get up when you fall.

3. Find an exercise that you will not give up on.! Workout is an incredible motivator to eat healthy and balanced. It may also help you fight despair and inadequate energy that usually accompanies this particular battle. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you find a way to get active every day! You can even read lots of no cost articles and other content on my web site about the primary advantages of physical activity, deciding on the right activity available for you and what you should do in the event you basically can’t stand exercise.

5. Open up to someone! After talking to God about it, tell a good friend, a significant other or a Christian counselor that you’ve slipped back into food addiction..It is so important to tell someone else considering that there is liberty in telling the truth.. It also helps to be accountable to somebody else.

Please don’t keep staying down, it simply opens up a doorway for bitterness and unbelief. You really don’t need those in your life: Your God is Jehova Rapha (the Lord your healer) and he’s standing right next to you with his hand stretched out, just waiting for you to take it, get up, repent, forgive yourself and carry on!

Proverbs 24:16 (NIV)

“for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity”.

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