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Free Hypno-Band™ Seminar Jan. 29, 2011 in San Diego

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In her first informational session, Diane Edwards will introduce the idea of Gastric Band Surgery done solely through hypnosis, offering results similar to a physical gastric band.

San Diego, Ca, January 12, 2011—The Hypno-Band™, an innovative weight-loss program using hypnosis as a comparable alternative to gastric bypass or lap band surgery, will be demystified on January 29th as San Diego’s only Hypno-Band Certified Practitioner gives three informational seminars at the Holiday Inn in Mission Valley.

Re-programming her clients to use their subconscious mind to control their appetite and shift eating patterns, Certified Master Hypnotherapist Diane Edwards will provide basic information and answer any questions about the Hypno-Band process, lifestyle and aftermath at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

“I receive countless phone calls from individuals curious about the process and ‘procedure’; skeptical about whether or not the Hypno-Band is a good alternative to surgery,” said Edwards, developer of Edwards Mental Band program and www.HypnoBandSanDiego.com. “While each person’s mind and body is unique, I hope that this session debunks some myths and provides attendees with the knowledge to decide whether this is an appropriate route for them to take on their quest for successful weight loss.” 

Edwards’ tested hypnosis program uses a mental gastric band and the power of the sub-conscious mind to offer a lower risk, lower-cost option for overweight persons of all sizes, compared to surgery.

Similar programs done in England and Spain confirm that the results of a mental gastric band parallels results from invasive surgery.

While the appetite and metabolic effects of the Mental Band are comparable to a surgically-implanted gastric band, other aspects of the program differ substantially.

“My program offers great results because it includes personal support, nutritional education, and multiple hypnosis sessions to change sub-conscious food habits, and deal with the underlying emotional issues. These features are unique to my program and lacking in the standard gastric band surgery,” says Edwards.

To register for the free seminar on January 29th at the Holiday Inn Mission Valley, visit the website at www.HypnoBandSanDiego.com.

Call or email Diane Edwards at 619-246-9661 and Diane@MentalBand.com.       


About Hypno-Band San Diego

Developed by Certified Master Hypnotherapist Diane Edwards, the Hypno-Band is an alternative option for individuals looking to have weight-loss surgery. 

This unique process combines hypnosis with the power of suggestion to make one’s mind believe that he or she had actually undergone a Gastric Band operation. The Hypno-Band creates the sensation of one’s stomach constricting, similar to the physical process of a surgical lap band procedure.

Since your sub-conscious mind regulates all of your body processes, it produces the sensation of constriction on your stomach. You feel satisfied with smaller quantities of food, you eat less and you easily make better food choices.

The result is that you steadily lose excess weight, reach your healthy weight loss goal, and continue to easily maintain a balanced diet, with no effort or deprivation.

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