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Excessive Weight Loss Can Be a Cause of Worry

8/17 16:15:59

Excessive weight loss should be treated as a serious cause of concern and can very well be an indication of an alarming disease. Diabetes and cancer are some of the possible ones. Regular check ups need to be carried out in order to make sure the problem does not escalate into a medical catastrophe.

While being thin has always been, and will somehow always be, the ‘in’ thing, for many people it can also be a curse. weight loss is not an issue to be treated very lightly. Many diseases, some of them serious, have been known to cause excessive weight loss. One of the primary causes has seen to be starvation. In several under-developed countries, this is common since there is scarcity of food. For a person who has access to food, the situation can occur if they go without food for long stretches of time, and the reasons for this could be depression, loss or severe anxiety. Many people tend to lose their appetite when a dear one passes away, or an extremely troubled phase of life is being experienced.

Diabetes is another known cause of weight loss. Due to the low levels of insulin in the bloodstream, both fat and lean mass in the body is drastically reduced. This leads to loss of body weight. HIV AIDS is another known and serious cause of excessive loss of weight. Sudden and rapid loss of weight should be checked immediately and should not, at any cost, go neglected. Cancer is a common, yet inexplicable, cause of weight loss. Some of the types of cancer that can lead to excessive loss of weight are gastrointestinal, prostrate, lung, ovarian or pancreatic. Loss of weight is an almost certain symptom of any of these types of cancer.

Cardiac diseases, such as congestive heart failure, can be possible causes of weight loss. Since this is another serious disease, if the loss of weight goes unchecked for long, the results could be devastating. Neurological diseases have also been known to cause a person to lose an abnormal amount of weight. Loss of weight can also be an indication of some gastrointestinal diseases, such as peptic ulcer, diarrhea, inflammation of the bowels, and gastritis. These are not serious diseases, but can cause severe medical conditions to occur. Some people suffer renal diseases, such as uremia, which cause loss of appetite, thereby leading to an excessive loss of weight. Various forms of infection – fungal, bacterial, or any other – can also be a cause.

From the point of view of fitness, weight loss can be an effective solution to regain a person’s health. However, the same can get worrisome when a person tends to continue losing weight despite efforts to eat well. Alarming as the situation can be, it is wise to get medical consultation at the earliest possible to avoid serious damage to body parts. Moreover, a study of family history should be carried to out to detect if there are any signs of the issue being hereditary. Nevertheless, a person experiencing excessive and unintentional loss of weight could be in serious trouble. Any fatal disease, if undetected at the initial stages, can cause an enormous amount of suffering at later stages.

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