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Why People Gain Weight Faster Than They Lose

8/17 16:14:24

I used to be confused that WHY I was so overweight while all my family members are thin and skinny. If you have ever wondered why you suddenly gain weight and have to start looking for ways to help you shed those unwanted fat, this article is for you. Or perhaps you have never gained weight in your young age and all the sudden you find yourself so easy to put on unwanted weight today. Read on as I will share with you the real reasons people are gaining unwanted weight and how you can avoid it in this article.

Here are the main reasons why people gain weight in the first place:


Overeating is the #1 reason why people gain unwanted weight. It does not matter whether you used to be eating a small portion but if your eating habit suddenly changes, and you start eating in large portion, then soon or later you are going to end up being fat. To avoid this, you must change your poor eating habit. Start eating small portion and always choose healthy and nutritious foods. Use smaller plate for your foods. Chew your foods and eat slowly, just enjoy your foods.

Use Foods To Alleviate a Traumatic Experience

Sometimes even if you were eating little foods and had never gained much weight in your life, a traumatic experience can make you change and begin to overeating or often known as eating in silence. Such trauma can be anything, big or small. The important thing is that the younger you felt it was traumatic, even if no one else would think it was. You know this is happening to you by the way you eat. Do you often feel compelled to eat when faced with negative emotions like fear, sadness, or denial? There may be a strong habit of using food to alleviate emotional distress.

Denial of Your Own Bad Eating Habits

Even if you know that your eating habits are terrible and are not healthy for you, it’s easy to stay in a state of denial and continue to ignore the facts, you tend to stick to what you know because you are too lazy or motivated to change your eating habits. This poor eating habits go on for many years, until it reaches to a point that you are so tired of feeling bad, or something happens that forces you to change your eating habits to improve your health and lifestyle or perhaps you’re just get tired of being over weight and finally commit full heartedly to do something about it.

You see, understanding some of the main reasons why people gain weight in the first place are very crucial in commiting yourself to start to lose weight. If you do not understand the reasons why you gain weight, you will just gain all the weight back again after you have worked so hard to shed them off. It is a waste of time and very demoralizing. Therefore, if you are serious wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, make sure you take some time to first understand the main reasons why you are putting those unwanted weight in the first place.

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