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Why Most Weight Loss Diets Are Scams

8/17 16:11:14

This year sees a determined effort by the UK Government to try and cut out a lot of the fat that is choking the life out of so many people, and running up enormous amounts of money in obesity based health care problems.

But what is it about diets that are so unconvincing, or rather so unworkable? I should know, I have tried many of them over the last few years, and until I discovered the secret, all they did was cost me money, cause me frustration, but never really tackled the root of the problem.

Now I have dropped from a Size 18 (UK) to a Size 10, and know what I am talking about.

Many years ago, I had a similar problem with my addiction to smoking. I knew it was causing me potential heath problems, shortage of breath, and as my husband used to say – “You smell like an ashtray”, but my responses always would be “Well, I smoked when I met you, what’s changed now?”

Eating, like smoking, is a habitually pleasant activity that your mind finds extremely enjoyable, and until advertising standards were changed; it was seen to be ‘cool’ to smoke, or to eat junk food all day long.

Eating, also like smoking, can be curtailed by physical actions or the use of drugs, but all this does is make the mind crave for these ‘naughty but pleasurable’ habits all the more.

Have you spotted the secret yet?

One of the easiest things for you to do is to start a new habit; one of the most difficult is to stop one. The only really effective way to change your attitude to something is to change your whole mindset to the problem, and this needs a radical rethink in how you tackle the whole issue.

Get your mind on your side, and you have virtually won the battle. You see, your mind is a funny thing, as well as being the most powerful force in your whole being, clever as it is, it cannot really think in a negative mode. If you see a bar of chocolate on the shop counter, by thinking the thought ‘I can not eat chocolate’, your mind sets off all the pleasurable sensations it recalls it had previously with chocolate.

It misses out the ‘not’ in I can not eat…’ and your craving actually goes up.

What you have to do, is to set up a whole new range of positive desires in your mind.
By this, I mean you have to build a picture in your mind of what it would mean to you if you were slimmer –

o How would it affect your relationship with dare I say it – the opposite sex?
o How would it feel to be able to drop down 2, 3, 4 or more dress sizes?
o How would it feel to be able to walk past the ‘larger women’ clothes store and pop into the trendy boutiques?
o How would it feel if you were able to run for a bus, or in an extreme case, play football with your kids or take them swimming- without feeling out of breath
o How would it feel to get back into a Bikini for the beach in the summer, without feeling that you look like a beached whale, or even worse, Michelin man with banks of sloppy fat on display?

(My apologies here if you are a man reading this, but the same applies to you – apart probably from the dress size and bikini).

Once you can build up this image in your head, then at this point, if you adopt a healthy eating regime (don’t call it a diet – that has the old negative image again), you can train your mind so that it will reject the temptation to go for junk foods.

You never know, once you have achieved your dream body again (and we all started out with a perfect one) you will be able to treat that occasional piece of chocolate as a rare treat – and even put the package down after just one bite…

It’s your mind, and your body, and the choice is yours…

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