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Gastric Balloon at forefront of weightloss war

8/17 16:10:53

Do you would like to change your relationship with food permanently? The gastric balloon is the groundbreaking new very simple approach to shed weight. Thousands of patients throughout the world are taking care of their weight using the gastric balloon and enjoying the sweet feeling that comes with a lean body.
So how does the gastric balloon work? The gastric balloon causes weight-loss by partly filling your stomach. This means that you do not get hungry, really feel fuller a lot quicker, and your individual relationship with food is transformed in a beneficial way. A specific follow-up program is also a crucial component of the procedure.

The Gastric Balloon is the most well-known non-surgical procedure obtainable for weight loss. A soft, extensible, silicone balloon is put inside the stomach using a camera that enters by means of the oral cavity. Once put in to the stomach, the empty balloon is stuffed with sterile saline, occupying a large part of the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness. In expert hands, it entails little or (generally) no sedation whatsoever, and takes about ten minutes to position. People leave a medical facility after a couple of hours. Location of the intragastric balloon takes approximately 20 minutes and is performed by a team of certified gastroenterologists. Since the balloon is placed and removed in a day clinic and does not involve surgical treatment, it’s regarded as a minimally invasive procedure. Few patients require to take any time off work at all.

The balloon generates a feeling of fullness after eating modest meals. You’re satisfied after eating less and so reduce your portion size. Decreased portion size = fewer calories consumed = weight loss
There’s also the option to boost balloon volume when weight loss levels off for a greater, much more sustained total weight loss. The Gastric Balloon is completely reversible, and efficient in temporarily decreasing hunger, controlling intake of food, beginning behavioural change, and achieving target weight loss of 10 to 30kg. The Gastric Balloon stays within the stomach for a six-month period, where it’s then taken away the same way it had been placed.

Gastric Balloon is for you if you have tried diet programs and weight-loss plans without success – you will need more help. You require a kick start to get your weight back on track and in check. Maybe you’re not entitled to bariatric surgery or you just prefer to stay away from weight loss surgery. And due to the fact It really is NOT surgery – the day case method takes somewhere around 20 minutes
You will lose weight – how a lot depends upon you but average over 6 months is 2-3 stones.
Weight reduction has big benefits for persons with conditions for example diabetes, high blood pressure levels Sleep apnoea and can improve flexibility and self-esteem.

If you are struggling with obesity, you need to visit www.gastricballoon.org

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