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What Do Bariatric Doctors Do And How Can They Help Me?

8/17 16:09:59

Bariatric doctors usually help with weight loss for the obese. Usually you have to be at a body mass index of at least 35 to be considered obese. These doctors specialize in different types of bariatric surgeries to drastically reduce weight loss (such as different types of gastric bypass surgeries). Many times there are health issues associated with being obese so it is important to get the weight off. Even if there aren’t any current health complications with being obese, obesity more than likely will cause severe and dangerous health issues down the road.
Bariatric doctors are not only trained in specialized surgeries to reduce weight loss, but they are also trained in other methods of weight loss too. Some of these methods include helping to plan out a new diet and exercise plan, prescribing medication if needed to help reduce the weight and/or keep it off, and deciding whether behavioral therapy would help. These doctors can also examine and evaluate you to determine if there is an illness or a disease that is causing the obesity.
Patients work very closely alongside the doctor every step of the way, so the most important thing the patient can have is the desire to change (to stick with the doctor’s plan without deviating). The doctor can only do so much for the patient. If the patient is not willing to do their part when they are not with the doctor, then not much progress can be made. If the patient has a desire and the patience necessary (because if one plan doesn’t work, another plan will need to be tried and tested), then with time, the doctor can provide the best outcome possible for the patient.

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