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Fighting Stress and Losing Weight With Cortislim Weight Loss Product?

8/17 16:08:34

The Cortislim weight loss product is known primarily as a fat burner, but it is also gaining popularity as an anti-stress pill. A lot of users claim that aside from losing weight, they also experience a decrease in stress levels after taking the Cortislim weight loss product. Is this all true?


As the newest fat burning product in the market, Cortislim does hold a lot of promise. Read on to find out more about this new drug.

How it works

Cortislim weight loss product works by increasing your metabolism and energy levels. It prevents you from gaining weight while accelerating your metabolism, mainly by reducing the effects of cortisol. It is part of a comprehensive weight loss plan formulated by Dr Shawn Talbot. CortiSlim tablets also contain minerals, vitamins, and various plant extracts.

About cortisol

Cortisol is more popularly known as “the stress hormone” because it improves the body’s resistance to stress. It is also important for maintaining your body’s physical functions and for boosting your energy levels.

After taking cortisol, you should go into a relaxed state until all body systems return to normal. However, when you experience chronic stress, it is impossible for your body to return to its relaxed state, which results in higher levels of cortisol. Increased cortisol has been linked to weight gain, particularly in the abdominal area. Abdomnal fat is especially harmful because it is one of the hardest areas to trim down, and it is often the cause of serious complications such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Cortislim and stress

The Cortislim weight loss product also contains other ingredients that can help calm your body’s response to stress by decreasing the level of cortisol in your body. This results in a decrease in body fat. It also helps control binging and overeating, which are common responses to stress.

Magnolia bark: the magic ingredient?

The magnolia bark is considered the most important ingredient of Cortislim. Also known as “honokiol”, it can help you destress in small doses without making you feel sleepy. Larger doses can make you drowsy, lowering your energy levels and making stress levels even worse.

Compared to valium, magnolia bark is more effective as an anti-anxiety drug but not as powerful as a sedative. The anti-anxiety effect of honokiol has been backed by a lot of studies in recent years. However, there is no scientific data to validate its ability to lower a person’s cortisol levels.

Other ingredients and what they do

Other major ingredients in Cortislim include green tea, chromium, vanadyl, and banaba leaves. They all work to effectively moderate your body’s insulin reaction while stabilizing blood sugar levels. Cortislim also contains Citrus aurauntium, also known as “bitter orange,” which helps burn fat even when you are idle.


Since Cortilsim weight loss product is not yet scientifically reviewed, it is still met with a lot of controversies. Questions about is effectiveness still abound. Furthermore, there is still no scientific evidence that Cortislim can effectively help people lose weight while providing relief from stress. Because of this, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered the manufacturers of Cortislim to stop making claims about the product’s effectiveness in terms of weight loss. There is also an impending lawsuit against the manufacturers by the customers who realized that the claims on the product were somewhat misleading.

Is it really effective?

Cortislim weight loss product works for some people, but not for others. Those who found the product to be very effective in weight loss also experienced reduced stress levels, helping them to calm down even in the most stressful situations. Those who think otherwise, however, feel that they have gained more weight or experienced even more stress.

As studies show, CortiSlim has different effects on different people. Cortislim can be effective especially for those who tend to binge and overeat when they are stressed. However, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor and do a little research before taking Cortislim.

You can also explore other stress-relieving activities that do not rely on taking weight loss drugs, like walking and yoga. Not only can you gain a more active lifestyle, but they actually promote weight loss and physical fitness.

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