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Fitness Routines for Stomach

8/17 16:01:16

Do you want to have flat belly but don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Worry not, because there are a lost of easy ways that you can do at home withouh having to buy those exepensive equipments. Here is a set of easy exercises for stomach. You will need a dumbbell for this exercise.

Hold one dumbbell on your left hand and stand shoulder width apart. Raise the dumbell up above your head. Stabilize the weight. Stetch your oblique at the left side by gently bending slowly to the right. Come back up to the top while holding the dumbbell right above your head. This will target the sides of your stomach of your oblique muscles. Do this 15 times on each side.

For the next exercise, while lying down on the floor, raise both feet up. Raise your back 45 degrees off the ground. Put your hands on your temples. Pull your elbows to touch your knees and extend your body and pull back up again. Do this 15 times.

For the third exercise, you will need a basketball. Lay on a flat surface and stretch your body. The ball should be held above your head. Raise your legs and pass the ball from your hands to your feet. Take the ball to the ground with your feet then sit up straight to pick up the ball. Lay down and repeat the process. Repeat this 15- 20 times.

Forward lounge twist is the next exercise. Hold the ball with two hands. Move your right foot forward bending your knees. You need to twist your body to the right. Move backward and move your left foot forward. Twist our upper body to the left. Do this 15-20 times

You should lie down to do the fifth exercise and extending your arms and legs. Keep your body tight in this whole routine. Raise the left arm and left leg as far as you can. Raise your left arm and right leg up. Do 15-20 repititions.

You can get great abs with just a few minutes a day in the comfort of your home.

Bob Brendon
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