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Food Obsession can Only be Defeated if you take A couple of Important Steps

8/17 15:57:18

In my years of struggling with overeating and bulimia I came across a couple of things which played a significant part in my restoration and gave me a huge push towards victory and freedom on this very challenging journey: Consistency and SURRENDER.
I so hoped and prayed that CONSISTENCY would be effortless for me. It would seem to me as if some people are just designed for consistency. I admit that I envy my husband’s consistent heart. He doesn’t leave a task incomplete and he will keep at something long after I’ve quit. It has seriously benefit him and especially our family unit in the past. So I recognise it really is an essential character trait to obtain, it’s just that it’s easier said than done!

I discovered that if you can achieve 3 activities consistently for one 12 months, you’ll have a whole different life:

1. Make time for The lord every day of the week NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS

2. Do physical exercise 5 times a week AT ALL TIMES

3. Begin undertaking just one task every day associated with the purpose and desires God put in my spirit , such as studying, writing, coaching etc regarding me personally.

However let’s be frank about this process: It is not very simple to persistently do the “very good things” in everyday life. From the moment we make an effort to establish behaviors intended to bring us closer to The lord, glorify The lord, or assist us in holiness, we experience resistance. The “negative elements” seem to get a grasp of us so incredibly easily, but try and do some thing good and you have a challenge to deal with – withthe evil one including your own “flesh”.

If you are right now in the death grip of bulimia you might feel completely unable to routinely workout or eat balanced. A few problems may be barring your power to advance ahead and whenever you are trying to put particular habits in place it could perhaps seem impossible. In fact, endeavoring to “pull yourself together” or banking on will-power has the potential to thrust you further into an an abyss of hopelessness. I propose that you obtain aid from either a physician and counselor to guide you deal with the fundamental problems that are commonly physiological, emotionally charged and spiritual. As soon as you receive restoring from preceding pain and learn how to manage your present relationships and circumstances you will discover that you might also come to be consistent in the areas where you now just encounter disappointment.

Still, even if you are struggling to put any consistent practices in place this very second, you can do something frequently: SURRENDER to God. This specific surrender which I talk about is truly simple: Get rid of control and begin asking Jesus each day to help you get healthy.

Please believe me when I tell you: If you wish to get rid of gluttony or binge eating, you have to get off the “control train”.

Finally: we really need CONSISTENCY if we wish to cease overeating, stop binge eating, and get rid of bulimia for good. However even more so we must consistently SURRENDER our lives to God to be able to witness any lasting adjustments!

Please have a look at this program for women with eating disorders with guidance videos to help women break free from Eating Disorder (Bulimia, Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating) if you need to make consistency and surrender part of your life.

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