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Energy burned walking

8/17 15:55:38

Walking is a healthy form of exercise that we have known for ages long. It is hassle-free and can remove a superb portion of calories too. As humans, we learn to walk few months when we were born and we are not fully aware that it plays an important role in losing calories. But then, there are other methods we can use to eliminate calories quickly aside from walking. We even burn at least 84 calories per hour when we sit around and do nothing.

We have two ways to burn calories and that would be at rest and in motion. However, it is still best to keep in mind that we need to create more movement in the body to increase calorie burning. It is expected for our metabolism rate to speed up as we also perform more physical activities. Once our metabolism works faster, our body will use up more of our fat as a source of energy. Just think on how your car consumes those gasoline when in motion.

A man with a typical weight can reduce245 calories burned walking. But, if he walks on an inclined plane, the calories he will be burning will also increase. Thus, an extra challenge placed in walking can aid us burn calories faster.

Now, it will be of great help to add half a mile to your usual 1 mile a day. It will also make it fun and a bit challenging when you have your dog with you. If you are fond of going to the malls, make it a point to use a high heeled sandals to put such pressure on your feet while walking from one boutique to another. Most of the time, you cannot monitor the time consumed by just strolling because of the different things you are happy to see then. And of course, having those shopping bags makes walking a lot harder which promotes calorie burning. The moment you are finally home, you will love the feeling of tiredness which you know created a good result.

Therefore, if you enjoy what you are doing you won’t feel anything stressful about it.Being resourceful on what will create a challenging walk is the key in reducing more calories. In a positive aspect, walking does not only let us move but make as live healthily as well.

Bob Brendon
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