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About how much do I need to weigh?

8/17 15:55:01

In a world surrounded by different body structure, we tend to wonder what should be the ideal weight for us. So how drastically must I weigh? It has been a common question we often heard from different individuals who are eager to know the desirable weight to maintain a healthy body.

As time goes by, different measuring tool emerged to support everyone?s query and find the right answer they can use as needed. To know your ideal weight is a powerful key for all of us to be conscious on what we eat to attain or maintain it. This will make us realize the essential ways needed to maintain the ideal weight.

We have the tendency to compare ourselves to other people but then this is not advised as we differ in almost everything and our weight are affected by several factors like age, height and many others. It is the Body Mass Index (BMI) that most of us are fond of using. It is measured by dividing your weight in kilograms to the square of your height in meters and when you get BMI between 18.5 and 25, you are just within the ideal weight. You are underweight when you go lower than this and overweight when you go over.

Some make use of the Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR) known to divide the circumference of the waist above the belly button with the widest circumference of the hip. This is an effective method to identify the possibility of cardiovascular health problems. For men, getting a .9 WHR is safe while 1 or more is at high risk but for women, a .8 WHR is safe and .9 or more needs to be checked.

So, if you come to think on asking again about how much do I need to weigh? Well, you know the answer to that and from now on you can clearly monitor it by using the tools presented. It is always a plus to know your ideal weight as it is the basic preparation to achieve the body you want and you can be proud of someday.

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