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For a Fun Way to Exercise, Check Out Our Mums and Bubs Fitness Classes

8/17 15:48:52

Exercise has so many great benefits to your body and is one of the best ways to completely transform your life for the better and to enjoy more health and more happiness. However the unfortunate reality is that many people simply don’t have the time or the inclination they need to exercise and for others health problems might stand in the way. This is a real same and can result in a spiraling of problems – if you’re not in the place to start exercising now then you never are going to be unless you take the plunge and start anyway.

The good news is that classes exist for people in that kind of position. For instance a Mums and bubs fitness class is a great way to get regular exercise that is designed to be attended only a few times in a busy schedule and this will have all the benefits of exercise while not feeling like you are sweating it out down the gym.

Let’s face it – no one wants to run for ten minutes on a treadmill only to then start curling weights or squatting – it’s just not fun and it makes you sweat and ache. However on the other hand if you can go to an exercise class with other similar people then you will be in a fun and active environment where you will have the support of others and where the environment will be designed to be enjoyable. This will be things like dancecise, yoga and boxercise which will get you into shape without you even noticing it. Because its regular and short this means you can work it into your schedule and that means that it won’t seem like you’re missing out on other things you could be doing. Furthermore because you will be with other people this has a range of other great benefits and it’s a great opportunity to have a laugh bouncing around in front of friends and to meet new people to socialise with and even potential partners.

So it doesn’t feel like exercise and if you’re thinking of working out but struggling to get the motivation it’s the perfect cure. But what are all these benefits of exercise and why do you need to do it at all?

The reality is that there are countless benefits to exercise. First of all you will feel a lot healthier and this will mean that you have more energy, more strength and more muscle and that you are less likely to have any kinds of health problems. You will burn fat and that will mean that you aren’t as likely to struggle with things such as heart attack or stroke, and you will tone muscle which will help to support your joints. You will prevent yourself from getting out of breath in future, and you will even increase the strength of your neural connections. Then there’s the ‘runners high’ that happens after exercise which entails a rush of endorphins and happiness hormones making this the perfect cure for depression too.

Baycity Strollers has a range of Mums and Bubs Fitness classes to suit everyone. The Mums and Bubs Fitness classes are a great way to meet new people. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.

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