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Rapid Weight Loss on the Palaeolithic Diet

8/17 15:46:42

For those of you who want to lose weight fast, but in a safe and effective way, the Palaeolithic Diet has a lot going for it. The book, by Dr Loren Cordain explains that the human genome has changed very little in the last 40 thousand years, and that we are essentially Stone Age people living in a modern world. He further states that we really should be easting a diet based on that of our ancestors, and not the carbohydrate packed, refined and processed foods we currently consume.

Wheat for example, has only been eaten in its cultivated form for around 10 thousand years, since the first farms sprung up in the Middle East. Humans have not adapted to consume these products and they do little for our general health and fitness, and in many cases, do us significant harm, in terms of obesity and related illnesses.

The Paleo Diet advocates a diet rich in lean protein, fresh vegetable, nuts, and fruit, similar to the diet our ancient ancestors would have eaten on a daily basis. The great thing about the diet is that it does allow ‘cheat meals’, perhaps one a week if you are needing to lose significant amounts of weight, and up to 2 or 3 if you are just in weight maintenance mode.

The diet does not include grains, pulses, or dairy, but having been on it for a few months; I really grew to enjoy it. I ate a lot of stir fries, salads, sea foods, and lean meats. Once one gets into the swing of things, it really is a delightfully effective diet. The extra protein satiates your appetite wonderfully, so you are never hungry. The gradual, but consistent weight loss is very rewarding, and you should be able to reach a lean, athletic weight in a matter of a few months. And all this without the awful tedium and hunger pangs of traditional diets. Give it a try; you’ll be pleased you did.

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