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Personal Trainer, Cardio Exercises

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A personal trainer, sometimes shortened to just ‘PT’, is someone who talks you through the process of getting into a healthy shape via exercise. They will provide you with all the information you need in order to start getting into shape and this information will be tailored in order to take on board you individual shape and condition. If you are trying to lose weight they will write you a diet plan and a workout schedule that will help you to slim down, but if you are trying to build muscle then they will write you a programme that involves eating large amounts of protein (which the body uses to build muscle) and doing ‘resistance training’ which involves repeatedly pushing and pulling heavy loads to create ‘microtears’ in the muscle leading to ‘hypertrophy’. On top of this they will give you the motivation and they’ll be there when you’re tart flagging to tell you to put your back into it and to try harder.

In other words a personal trainer can help you to reach your training goals in a variety of ways and can be instrumental in building muscle, burning fat or just generally improving yourself. Where does cardio exercise come into this?

Cardio exercises are those that focus on the heart and circulatory system and the term ‘cardio’ is actually short for ‘cardiovascular’. Here the exercises last a significant duration so that the immediately available energy gets used up and the body is forced to start looking elsewhere for its energy supplies. This will mean that it needs to burn the energy from the fat stores, and to do this it will need to transport the materials in the blood which will work your heart as it works harder to supply your muscles and organs with the energy and nutrients they need.

Energy is stored in the fat as ‘glycogen’ after the body converts it from glucose that it gets in food. It then requires oxygen in order to combust this glycogen and create ‘ATP’ or ‘adenosine triphosphate’ which the body can use for its energy stores. That means that you also start breathing harder and this is why cardio exercise can also be referred to as ‘aerobic’ exercise.

This is then very good for you and it will help you to burn your fat stores, to strengthen your heart and thereby avoid heart problems, and to improve your aerobic system and lung capacity/VO2 max.

Any exercise that goes on for a continued duration over three minutes can be considered to be cardiovascular once the body has used up its other more readily available energy supplies. Common examples are running, swimming, cycling and boxercise. A personal trainer can help you to use cardiovascular exercise for its many health benefits, and can help you to use optimum heart rates and alternative forms of training such as interval training to get the most from it, while also helping you to avoid joint problems and other complications that can be associated with cardio exercise.

Personal Trainers can help you with Cardio Exercises and Nutrition, through their unique fitness programs. We have world class personal trainer to help you on your journey. Visit our website or give us a call for more!

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