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HCG Diet Is Beneficial

8/17 15:45:52

Following the HCG diet can make a person lose one to two pounds a day which is really very quick. You can see the result in just four or five days and you will be happy that you are following it. Actually HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone produced naturally by pregnant women. But the HCG used in this diet is made in laboratories from sterile cells and is not in any way related to pregnancy or taken from pregnant women.

You have to follow the instructions properly and consume salads and increase vegetable intake in your meals. You have to have more fiber intake and large amounts of water for this diet to be really very effective. If you follow the rules you can lose weight fast without having any side effects.

Before you plan on undertaking this diet you have to consult your doctor, have a proper medical checkup which includes blood tests and the like. And only if he feels that you are fit for the diet, then only you should start it. The HCG diet includes injections of the medicine. The doctor can give it to you at suitable intervals or he can teach you how to take it yourself. If you are going to take the injections yourself it is advisable that you learn how to sterilize the area of the injection and learn how to inject properly. Also you should find out how to minimize the inconvenience and lessen the discomfort.

You will begin by losing one pound on the very first day. You may wonder if it is healthy to lose weight so fast. It will satisfy you to learn that the weight loss is due to the unhealthy fat being dissolved in this HCG diet. No lean muscle is lost. It is the ungainly weight that is lost and you will find yourself feeling much lighter and happier than before the HCG diet. Also you will find yourself relieved of the problems which you had due to the excessive weight.

Also you will be able to lose more fat using this method if you also include yoga exercise, or go for walks or take multivitamin tablets, go to a gym regularly. Even walking regularly will help you to lose more weight and faster. If you are careful and eat less calorie food that too will be of great benefit. If you follow all this while following the HCG diet, then you can lose up to ten pounds very quickly.

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