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Slimming—two-pronged approach of apple and milk

8/17 15:42:02

Apple and milk slimming way welcomed by so many people, because people who want to lose weight can lose 3-5 kg rather than spend too much time in losing weight. It

only takes you two days to carry out this slimming way, so you can arrange your slimming plan according to your daily life.

The two days of process apple and milk slimming way can be divided into “apple day” and “milk day”. If according to one week to calculate

it, begin to carry out the plan on Monday, so Monday is the “apple day”, in short, you just can eat apply for a whole day, you mustn’t eat any other

food except apple, neither water. Then Tuesday is “milk day”, it means that you just can drink milk for a whole day, drink milk when you are hungry, only

also can drink milk when thirsty, and you mustn’t drink water, you can not eat apple together with milk neither. But you can drink water only after you taking

meizitang botanical slimming gel. Because it will make you feel dry mouth.

“Apple day”

Prepare about 2 kg apples on the first day, and the quantity controlled between 5 and 7. You only can eat apple when you get up until go to sleep for the whole day,

and you can not eat any other things. Remember that eat an apple with toothful slowly, it will slow down the degree of hunger.

Point out: also some people eat apple together with fruit juice and vegetable juice (fruit and vegetable need to be juiced directly, remember not add water), but

don’t put sugar or milchigs and so on.

The function of apple-reduce the intake of heat

Lose weight by eating apple, this can let the alimentary system relax enough, and make it recover function. This also can reduce the intake of heat, therefore, it

can consume the heat saved in your body so that prevent the corner of fat. This reaches the goal of losing weight by apple.

“Milk day”

When it comes to the second day of slimming plan, prepare 1000 ml skim milk (suggest not use yoghourt instead), divided milk into 6, 8 or 10 shares, and you only

can drink a share each time. You only can drink milk for the whole day, and you can not eat any other food and water.

Point out: today is very important, it the key day of losing weight, and it based on your insistence whether your fat can be reduced or not. And remember that meizitang can help you lose weight effectively, and you can drink water after taking it, and

don’t eat the apples left yesterday.

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