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The best weight loss and weight loss recipes

8/17 15:41:55

Personal circumstances:

Height 168CM

Weight loss results:

Reduced to 94 pounds from 110 pounds to maintain since the last three years, is now 96 pounds, goals 90–96 kg. As a woman, is life to lose weight more than … …

meizitang Weight loss:

In ensuring the basic premise of strict nutritional diet, usually home to a number of common aerobic exercise.

meizitang botanical slimming gel Weight loss recipes:

First, a glass of honey water before going to bed, get up after a cup of warm water, and sometimes add some salt, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, contribute to emptying stool. Scheduled to be fun at the body of toxins would be less, so long there are few spots on his face and acne has.

Second, eat breakfast. Can not sleep late, breakfast can not omit the most important thing. Mainly cereals porridge, milk, eggs, noodles, wonton, buns or bread, and other pasta with meat and vegetables with a tasty side dish meal.

Third, drink plenty of water. Water can expel toxins, if the skin is dry, water should make up from the inside, generally 8 glasses of water. Time to separate the drinking water, not so thirsty to drink, not booze, drink too much too fast on renal adverse. If you do not like plain water to drink herbal tea or fruit tea, milk, milk, yogurt, and so shifts to drink is the same.

Fourth, the fruits and vegetables. To supple skin is not enough to just drink water, of course, but also eat more vegetables and fruits, fruit as the morning, at noon to eat at night to eat on the greatly reduced. In addition to three meals a day plus vegetables, also can be a fruit to eat, such as cucumber, radish, tomatoes and so on.

Fifth, a balanced diet. To become shiny red skin, the most basic three meals to ensure adequate nutritional balance. Want to lose weight can not eat the staple food. Intake of fat and salt in moderation, try to control within the standards (about oil 25 grams, 6 grams of salt).

Sixth, eating dinner. Do eat morning, noon, eat less at night to eat the principle!

Seventh, do not eat or eat snacks (junk food), with dates, walnuts, longan, almonds, and place, of course, the right amount of food. Sugar-free drink as much as possible, try not to eat chocolate like sugar high calorie snacks. Still have to adhere to exercise every day. At least 100 sit-ups, ah, what often go swimming.

botanical slimming Enemy to lose weight as follows:

1, chocolate (high-calorie ah sisters, eating a piece of chocolate you have to run 20 minutes to offset ah);

2, cheese (cheese) cake tastes really true, but the rate of weight gain is fast;

3, alcohol, is a letter I had drunk, drink less are now a;

4, pot, pot should eat less.

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