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What Are Foods That Speed Metabolism? Discover These 4 Food Categories That Speed Metabolism...

8/17 15:39:34

By: Laura Quintanilla

If you’ve been told, “Just eat less” to lose weight, you may be surprised to find that is not the best advice. When you eat less you slow down your metabolism. What you want to do is have a high metabolism that burns more body fat. Especially at rest. Well, there are foods that slow down your metabolism, but there are foods that speed metabolism.

Here is a list of food types that falls into the category of foods that speed metabolism.

Lean protein. This includes lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, and protein powder. Protein in the diet, speeds up your metabolism by increasing growth hormone and also by lowering insulin levels in your body. This is the first group of foods that speed metabolism.

High Fiber Food. When choosing food, look for food that has a high fiber content. Most fattening food like pizzas and donuts have no fiber. Fiber lowers the insulin levels in your blood. When insulin is high, your body is in fat storing mode! Examples of high fiber foods are vegetables, legumes (like beans) and whole grains. These are foods that have a high fiber content. You will find they are actually more filling and prevent you from getting hungry. Make sure all your meals have a large serving of high fiber foods. This is the second category of foods that speed metabolism.

Low sugar food. This can seem like an obvious choice. Most people know sugar causes fat. But what most people don’t realize is how much sugar is in foods. Even food that is supposed to be very healthy. Here are examples: Sweet fruits and vegetables that have a lot of sugar. Carrots are a good example of this. Carrots have a lot of sugar. And when you juice it you take all the fiber out. So you are now drinking a lot of sugar! All sweet fruits are sweet because they have sugar. Sugar = fat. So limit the sweet fruit you eat in a day to one handful. This is the third category of foods that speed metabolism.

Water. Water increases your metabolic rate. Dehydration lowers it. So drink one-half liter to one liter immediately after you wake up. Then drink water all day. Sip it. Don’t gulp it. How much water to drink? Get your body weight and divide it by 40. That is how many liters of water to drink. If you weigh 160 pounds you divide it by 40 and you get 4. That is 4 liters a day.

It may take a bit of planning and thinking ahead to start making a list of foods that fit in these categories. Start reading labels. Start noticing how much sugar and fiber is in the food you buy. Try to get the total grams of fiber you eat in a day to be greater than 35 grams a day. Try to get your daily sugar intake as low as possible. The less sugar you eat, the more fat you lose. Period. Some start with a goal of not going above 50 grams of sugar a day. Then try to bring it down to 35. Then to 25. Etc. By having a numerical goal it helps people do much better and attain success because they have something specific to go for.

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Hi! I’m Laura Quintanilla. I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer for women.

I help women in their 30’s to 50’s… who can’t lose weight no matter how much they diet and exercise or just feel lost when it comes to getting fit and healthy shed their stubborn, hard to lose weight without starvation diets, without dangerous drugs and without intimidating, awkward and uncomfortable workouts.

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