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Banana, according to meizitang, will help prevent 12 kinds of diseases

8/17 15:39:06

In the fruit kingdom, banana is one of the most mysterious fruits. According to a legend, Shakyamuni Buddha gained infinite wisdom after eating it and as a result, banana is praised as the fruit of wisdom. Banana is always named as the happy fruit. Scientists in Netherland considers banana as the fruit that will best live up to the nutrition standards and will bring smile on people’s face. The pantothenic acid and some other ingredients in banana are the happy hormone, which can relieve the mental stress, release the tense, and improve your ability to focus, get rid of the depression and make people feel happy. Modern researches have found that banana can prevent 12 kinds of diseases. Here meizitang botanical slimming will introduce thoroughly to you.

First and foremost, it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. When there is insufficient potassium, arrhythmia, tachycardia and fall of blood pressure will happen. There are 400 grams of potassium in a banana and the potassium will keep the normal coordination function of cardiac contraction and maintain the excited status of muscles. In this way, the cardiac contraction and relaxation function can be balanced in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases and maintain the stability of blood pressure. According to meizitang, banana can also cure hypokalemia. After exercises, much sweat is discharged and so is the potassium, which will lead to tiredness of limbs. Vomiting and diarrhea will also cause the decrease of potassium in our body and at this time, banana is the best choice to supplement the body with potassium. Besides, banana can prevent dementia for its effects in improvement of the brain power and ability of learning. The alertness can be improved and dementia can be prevented. What’s more, it can also prevent depression. There is serotonin and substance that can help produce serotonin, which can make people feel happy and get a good mood. I also love to eat bananas and when I eat bananas, I feel so happy for the nice taste and smell.

Bananas can also prevent stomach and duodenum ulcer. One substance in banana can relieve the stimulation of the gastric acid to the stomach mucosa and in this way will prevent the reproducing of mucosa cells and repair all kinds of ulcer and damage. And the most well known effect of banana is to prevent constipation. The dietary fiber and pectin in banana will promote bowel movements and smooth the defecation. At night, a banana can cure stubborn constipation. According to meizitang botanical slimming, banana has a cold nature and can clear intestinal fever. It is suitable for those who have constipation due to fever in stomach and intestines. Bananas can be eaten 1-2 hours after meals and will relieve the problem of abdominal distention and dry, smelly mouth. It can also prevent gout. The potassium will help reduce the uric acid crystal in the joints and help the body discharge the uric acid.

Banana can also solve eye discomfort problems. When there is excessive salt taken into our body, it will cause water accumulation in cells, which will lead to swollen eyes. The potassium in banana can help discharge the excessive salt and balance the potassium and sodium. In this way, it can get rid of the discomforts of the eyes. The carotene in banana will relieve eye tiredness and avoid earlier aging of eyes. Besides, it can also get rid of itching. There is one substance in banana skins that can prevent bacteria from reproducing. Those who have skin problems can apply banana skins on the face in order to get rid of itching. In traditional Chinese medicine, doctors use banana cooking with crystal sugar to cure coughing. So meizitang botanical slimming gel suggests that we should eat some bananas everyday.

In Japan, a cancer society has found out that bananas can increase the immunity ability and prevent cancer. 2 bananas a day can improve the body constitution. Besides, banana is cheap and convenient to take with you. It contains many nutrients and is a kind of magic fruit. For diabetes patients, banana can reduce urine glucose and improve the disease. But meizitang suggest those who have weak bodies should not eat much, for bananas have cold nature. The cooked bananas will be better choice for those people.


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