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Green Tea Diet Plans, Buy Green Tea Online

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Green Tea Diet Plans
There is perhaps enough said on the facts and myths when it comes to weight loss. Obesity rates are on the rise and it requires more encouragement each day to make people follow a healthy lifestyle, given the amount of fast food and sitting down work which surrounds us. We spend our time in front of television sets and video game consoles, and even at work it is not easy to be active most of the time. Gym memberships expire without you having ever seen the face of the instructor beyond the initial sessions.
People are suffering from so many obesity-related problems and they don’t even know it. Depression, heart palpitations, hypertension are only the few. Obesity also causes blot clots which lead to strokes and cardiac arrests. But more and more people every day are unable to give the unhealthy choices up.

The major reason behind the increase of green tea sales is undoubtedly its application in the weight loss industry. Dieticians have come up with programs based around green tea which offer stable and healthy weight loss possibilities. With some discipline and the right planning, your weight loss routine can help you shed those extra pounds and give you many more benefits. Most fad diets will keep you off coffee, caffeine and tea products which have become a part of most of our lives.
It is difficult to stay off tea and coffee and still be energized enough in order to work on any gym routine or such. With a green tea diet, you can have your morning shot of caffeine and still retain your diet plan.
Some of the most famous diets which can benefit from green tea are as follows:

Atkins Diet
One of the most famous low carb diets with plenty of variety was devised by Dr. Atkins.  This diet works best with green tea. Artificial sweeteners are advisable to use in this diet as well. The idea is to eat all of the types of food out there except carbohydrates.

The Zone Diet
A former bio technology researcher at the Massacathusetts Institute of Technology named Barry Sears introduced this plan. The diet is based on consistency and maintenance of insulin levels in your body. But there are certain problems with this plan which can be handled by including green tea. This diet plan requires that you leave sugar out of your diet and replace it with artificial sweeteners and low fat milk.
Sugar Busters Diet
Again, the use of artificial sweeteners is allowed but the main theme is to cut down on the sugars. Green tea also works as a supplement as far as this diet plan is concerned.

Blood Type Diet
Another popular diet plan and regimen includes types of food based on individual blood types. It is more restrictive compared to the other diets and, for example, it encourages people with A and AB blood types to indulge in coffee. Whereas on the other hand, people with blood group O are not allowed to use coffee. But green tea is allowed for all blood types. Again: the sweeteners such as honey, sugar, stevia and syrups are to be avoided.

Paleolithic Diet
This diet is also referred to as the Stone Age Diet Plan and is based on consumption of unprocessed simple foods. It is also validates the use of green tea. But coffee is completely denied. Sugars, especially refined, are to be avoided.

How to Make the Best Cup of Green Tea
Learning a few brewing tips for green tea leaves will give you a great healthy drink. The idea is to get a great taste as well as retain the healthy ingredients. The best way to get a good cup of green tea is to keep the temperature measured. The ideal temperature will bring out the best in those green tea leaves. As a general rule, a temperature between 140F and 185F is suitable.
If water temperature is too scalding, it will make the tea bitter and the delicate aroma will be lost. On the other hand, a very low temperature will not extract the full flavor in the tea. It also does not require much steeping and, in fact, the flavor will become bitter. But if you want a stronger flavor, you can steep the green tea on a low temperature.

Green Tea Patches
The popularity and success of nicotine patches has inspired the oncoming of weight loss patches. They are basically a good idea for people who forget their dosages and have difficulty remembering supplement timings. They are generally made out of ingredients such as seaweed and algae, which are appetite suppressants. Now companies have come up with green tea patches which also aid as far as all popular diets are concerned.
Green tea patches have the natural ingredients such as polyphenols which act as a supplement for weight loss. This recent discovery has helped increased the metabolic rate of the body. Many companies which specialize in pharmaceutical products have now introduced green tea into the market in the form of a supplement. They come in various types of diet pills and also the contemporary weight loss patches. These green tea weight loss patches have no adverse side-effects and are therefore a better alternative to other synthetic products. The most common substances used to aid weight loss these days include things such as ephedra, which may increase heart rates and could also lead to cardiovascular complications.

The antioxidants in green tea weight loss patches destroy LDL cholesterols while enhancing the good cholesterol levels in the body. This creates a balance in the body which could only lead to overall good health and well-being. LDL, which is the bad cholesterol found in the body, needs to be kept low and Green tea weight loss patches are good for people with high LDL because they lower their levels.
There are two ways in which green tea weight loss patches work, number one being that they suppress your appetite naturally and safely. A study from the University of Chicago on lab rats shows that the when injected with green tea, they can lose up to 21% of their bodyweight. This works due to the fact that a substance present in green tea acts as a natural appetite-suppressant which keeps off hunger. Green tea weight loss patches also elevate metabolism. They have high epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) content, which make it possible for green tea weight loss patches to have a distinct advantage over stimulant diet drugs which can be harmful to individuals with heart complications and hypertension.
Some substances in Green tea have been widely renowned to be the world’s most effective dermal protection against the Ultraviolet radiation of the sun. The content of antioxidants can also help prevent cancers including ovarian, stomach, oral, colon, cervical, prostate and breast cancers. The green tea diets can also help reduce harmful intestinal flora, while increasing beneficial intestinal flora. This ability is the main reason for its possible preventive effects when it comes to cancer. This also gives green tea the ability to acts as a powerfully anti-inflammatory substance and also to reduce oxidative stress in smokers and non-smokers alik

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