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meizitang detox weight-loss exercise

8/17 15:38:43

meizitang promote weight-loss exercise you detox, detox detox weight-loss exercise weight-loss effect is obvious, you want to detox slimming, detox weight-loss exercise Come and try it now! lose weight the right way, can only be a thankless task, whether Not to mention really slim down, you may also Yuejianyuefei, only to find their own type of obesity, then solve the problem, take appropriate weight loss program, can be more effective, fast to lose weight yourself.

meizitang detox weight-loss exercise toxins from the body easily cleared

For fat-type obesity and edema, obesity, have the following simple 4-step weight-loss exercise and pelvic lymph massage, so you can easily correct the bones, improve blood circulation, accelerate fat burning, eliminate toxins, build a slim figure.

1: Pelvic botanical slimming weight-loss exercise:

1) lying supine, left knee and right hand grip the right to reverse the side of the body, pay attention to upper body can not move. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

2) Bend your knees, below the ankle attached to the hip, knee shaking up and down slowly, repeat this action 10 times.

3) two-handed grip right knee to chest stretching for about 10 seconds, note the left leg should be close to the ground.

4) Block, to maintain posture, back straight. In the back of the head with his right hand stretched his left arm. Maintain this action for about 10 seconds.

2: botanical slimming gel modeling lymphatic massage

1) Open the legs shoulder width, knees slightly bent, hands relaxed on the thighs, pay attention to the back straight, bend the upper body can not.

2) body squat down, while his hands gently massage the sliding direction of the knee.


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