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Want To Lose Weight Fast? Read These Tips To Lose Weight Quickly

8/17 15:36:05

So you have taken the decision to lose weight quickly, well done. But wait, have you calculated your ideal weight first? If not you should do it before even thinking about losing wait. Sometimes people that they need to lose like 20 lbs in the next month or so while they only need to lose 5 lbs to get to their ideal weight. So to be able to set the right goal for your weight loss plan you should calculate your ideal weight first.

In other conditions some people think they need to lose a lot of weight even according to the calculated ideal weight but this increase in their weight may be normal and very healthy, like in body builders they may record that they are over the ideal weight but this increase is because of the muscle bulk they are building not because of the fat gain. In this case you may only want to lose some extra fat on your belly or waist to shape your muscles as best as possible and show them off.

So after considering the above conditions if this doesn’t relate to you and you want to lose weight fast then here are some tips that can make your life easy:

First to make very clear to you and you might be already aware of that, when it comes to losing weight it’s all about burning calories more than you take in and that doesn’t mean that you lower your calories intake to a very dangerous level. But it means to lower your calories intake to the safe required level and burn extra calories stored in yur body in form of fat with exercises.

So first you need to calculate how much calories you may take in. Simply for active people they should multiply their weight by 20, for average activity multiply by 17 and for low activity multiply weight by 15. This is a simple way to know how much calories you need every day to stay in the safe side.

Natural food must be the main component of your diet. Why not replace the junk food most people eat every day with natural food like fruits and vegetables. Of course you know the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables so I am not going to go through this now. Eat about five fruits or vegetables each day and this should be enough and stay away from junk food. If you can’t hold yourself from eating junk food then you should fill your stomach with vegetables as they are healthy and at the same time don’t add a lot of calories to your body.

You may know that the French prefer to eat slowly and chew their food very well, you can take advantage of this trick. You will keep your mouth busy and you will make it easy on your stomach to digest food.

I seriously worn you from even thinking of starving, this is very dangerous believe me. One of my friends wanted to lose weight very quickly doing that, good news is that he succeeded to lose a lot of weight, bad news is that he was about to die as he suffered from serious anemia, he became very pale and his nails stared to crack and fall and he gained the same weight he lost again. So don’t think that this is a smart way to lose weight, but it is the hard dangerous way. So play it smarter not harder.

Remember that it is good to reach the top but it is also excellent to remain there, so your goal and how to achieve this goal should consider not only losing weight but also keeping it off. This only can be achieved by a continuous lifestyle change.

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