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How to lose weight without taking in special medicines?

8/17 15:33:32

According to the Chinese traditional medicine theory, any medicine will do harm to human health. Thus, if you want to lose weight, it is highly recommended that you should not take in any medicines. The following daily habits may help you to lose weight naturally and healthily.

Tip1: Eat peanuts between breakfast and lunch

In a survey, scientists found that dieters who are peanuts lost twice weight as those who did not eat peanuts did. Researches show that eating a handful of peanuts a day can reduce the intake of heat by 333 calories. Besides, peanut is rich in protein and it can offer much nutrition to the body, so proper amount of peanut can help you to keep fit.

Tip2: Eat fermented foods at noon.

The researchers found that people who ate fermented foods such as bread, sandwiches etc were less likely to feel hungry, and the duration for them to feel hungry was longer than when they ate regular foods by more than 1 hour. This is because the starch and sugars are broken down into digestible ingredients when the food is in the fermentation process, and thus digestive system needs more time to digest the foods. This way, you are less likely to feel hungry.

Tip3: Take in a spoonful of honey in the afternoon.

Honey, within 20 minutes after being taken, will adjust the blood sugar to normal levels, and can maintain the normal state for 2 hours. It has been proved that the honey, if taken before breakfast, can help to get rid of the junks in the body. In this way, the honey can soften the hunger and appease the emotions. You are able to keep a happy mood for the whole day.

Tip4: Relax with Wulong tea.

Developing the habit of drinking oolong tea will make your metabolism work faster and it makes the calories burning in the body increase by 3% and fat consumption by 10% because this tea is calorie-free, fat-free and sodium-free, so if you want to lose weight you can drink a lot of tea if this kind. .

As long as you can pay attention to your diet habit, for example, keep away from the foods rich in fat and sugar, have enough sleep etc, will help to build your figure and protect you from the potential diseases led by obesity.

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