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Go on a Weight Loss Retreat

8/17 15:32:38

Instead of going to a regular resort this holiday season, why not go to a weight loss spa?   You’ll get the luxury of a spa vacation plus the added boost of losing a few extra pounds. Of course, it is possible to lose weight at any spa, but why not go to one that specializes in weight loss?

No longer like the “fat farms” of yore, the new generation of weight loss spas serve healthy cuisine (no more starvation diets!), offer nutrition advice, have activities designed for weight loss, and even hold classes helpful in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle (from cooking to self-help/self-motivation, etc). The more luxurious spas even have rejuvenation and anti-aging facials and body treatments.

Of course, you won’t lose more than a few pounds in the time you’re there. The goal is not quick weight loss, but rather a transition to a healthier lifestyle that will enable you to lose weight even after you’ve gone home.

Here are some of my tips/questions to ask when choosing a weight loss spa:

Consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend? How long will you be there? Most health spas have pre-packaged programs that last for a minimum of a week. However, they will willingly accommodate your stay, no matter how long (or short) it might be.

What type of weight loss spa do you want to attend? Do you want to go to a place exclusively for women? Or do you want a place for couples, or for groups? Even if you decide to go by yourself, in most spas you get to intermingle with the other guests, and have the benefit of group support (which experts agree is an essential component of any successful weight loss program).

What is the spa’s approach to weight loss? Different spas have different philosophies when it comes to weight loss. Check out the websites of various spas to find a style that you’d be comfortable with. Also, will the spa have qualified nutritionists and therapists on hand?

Do they provide individualized programs or will you be getting the same routine as everyone else? Will there be customized calorie counts and a fitness program tailored to your needs and capabilities?

Choose the weight loss spa/retreat package which suits you best. A quality weight loss spa will help you develop healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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