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How Can Social Networking Make You Obese?

8/17 15:29:14

A July 26, 2007 publication in the New England Journal of Medicine had shown that social relationships can affect weight. One study of Framingham Heart had proven that most obese people are among the ones, who are associated with their friends, neighbors, siblings, or spouses who don’t bear a healthy weight. It is believed that combination of sharing the same gene pool and living together increases the likelihood of being overweight. In many other studies it has also been reported that friends can influence the size of your waistline and the rest of your body as well.

Spreading circumference of obesity

  • The spread of obesity epidemic within social network has seen sharp spike in the recent years. For instance, in case of couples if a husband is obese, there are high chances of his wife to become obese as well. The same can happen being in the group of close friends, who are overweight. Here are certain pathways through which your closed ones can influence your weight loss targets:
  • Sometimes, you just do whatever your friend is doing, without thinking that whether it’s going to help you in getting ideal body weight. Let’s take an example, you are sitting at a restaurant with your friends and the waiter brings on a dessert menu. All your friends decide to order one mousse cake for themselves and by seeing them you also order one for you, even though you don’t have an urge for it.
  • There are people, who start sharing their ideas of getting the proper body size with their peers and friends. Then they start following the same practices as their friends in order to reach that body size, whether that means eating less food to look like thin friends, or more food to look like plus-sized ones.
  • Sometimes, due to peer pressure and the fear of being bullied by your friends, you take certain decisions that can lead you towards overeating or no eating at all, to look like them. They even go for invasive weight loss products that can cause harm to their bodies.

These pathways are an eye-opener for those, who do not understand their body types and just do what their friends and peers are doing without giving it a thought whether these practices will suit their body or not. These people tend to follow the implicit cultural beliefs and share social norms that may or may not prove right for them. This is the reason why it becomes essential to first understand what your body demands from you. People, who want to get desired body weight, can take the help of certain balanced diet and physical workouts. But, in case lack of time or hectic work schedule does not allow you to practice physical activities, you can combine African Mango supplements with your regular diet. These supplements contain natural ingredients that can help you get overall health benefits. There are several health benefits of these supplements if taken on a regular basis such as reduced cholesterol levels, risk of diabetes, and improved weight loss results. These supplements can also help in fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements. These supplements can also act as appetite suppressants that signal your brain of you being full, which in turn helps you eat less. You can also take the help of certain natural weight loss pills in order to get faster and effective weight loss results.

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