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Bariatric surgery: Get Relieved From Obesity

8/17 15:28:00

Do you feel shy to make public appearances just because of the fact that you being bulky to some extent? Are you among those faces that stays worried and tensed due to the fear of your friends and relatives would be cracking jokes on you and hence on your body structure? Well if you are facing such troubles in the way or the other, then you are the right place where we guarantee you to free from obese troubles you are facing and we assure you to wear all those dresses that you were longing to put them on you since such a long time with utter confidence. Well when it comes to such problems you are facing the very obvious solution to your problem is the Bariatric surgery. Many may turn out to be feeling a bit strange in the name of surgery yet with the Fortis Hospital in hand; you need not to worry about any of such consequences that fear you. But before we move on with the various facts about
such types of surgery, let us have a brief peep in to pages of medical science in order to figure out what exactly is it.

Bariatric surgery employs a lot many forms of procedures that are generally included in the list when the surgery is being performed on the patients who are obese. One of the other names that cause fascination among the viewers of this type of surgery is the obesity weight loss surgery. As mentioned earlier, the surgery mainly employs a lot many procedures to complete it. The surgery is mainly carried out by reducing the original dimensions of the stomach. When it comes to this, the stomach size reduction process is mainly carried out by some of following procedures as follows:-

  • Reducing the size of the stomach by implanting a medical device called Gastric Banding, or
  • Reducing the stomach size by removing cretin unwanted portions of the stomach. The process is also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy or Biliopancreatic diversion with Duodenal switch, or
  • By re-routing the small intestine to the stomach.

Although the obesity weight loss surgery do are cost effective procedures to be under taken, yet they carry a lot of side effects too when not committed properly. However with the Fortis Hospitals at our service whenever we need them, one need not to worry t all even when undergoing grave e weight loss obesity! So hurry and enroll your name to avoid unwanted stresses on your body, mind, soul and pocket!

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