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Some Reminders About Ab Exercises

8/17 15:27:50

Nobody probably wants to keep a bulge of fat in their belly. As you can see, having a finely shaped six-pack abs has always been a common desire of teenagers and middle-aged adults, especially men. Aside from the fact that abs can make a man’s body appear more attractive; having strong muscles in the abdominal area can also boost a person’s posture and spinal support. Hence, more and more men, as well as women, are now encouraged to turn their belly fat into fine ab muscles.

If you really want to get a chiseled six-pack abs, you have to supply yourself with sufficient patience, determination, and self-discipline to do the first step – to watch out what you are eating. This simply means that whether you like it or not, you have to say ‘bye-bye’ to your favorite sweets, junk foods, and other foods with high levels of sugar, oil, carb, and calorie. To get yourself more motivated to do the further steps, you can think of these foods as your reward whenever you make a significant result in your ab-shaping activities. Just see to it that you will only consume these ‘rewards’ at minimum level and not too frequently. In addition, it is also best to consult your doctor or a nutrition expert to find out what are the ideal foods for your specific medical condition.

While you are having a healthy diet plan, you would also need to pay attention to your daily physical activities. Many books, internet articles, and other resources have already said that performing crunches or sit ups is the best way to get your abdominal area in shape. However, many of these have been misinterpreted by most people. These people have thought that doing such exercise intensely in as much repetition as they can is the only way to get the best results in no time. You don’t have to do such difficult thing. Rather, it is better to alternately perform a variety of abdominal exercises. Just make sure to choose those that you can perform without giving you a lot of pain and inconvenience. Some of these ab exercises are the bicycle exercise, vertical leg crunch, long arm crunch, reverse crunch, and crunch with heel push. These exercises basically require you to lie down on a mat and perform movements that let your abdominal muscles exert force. You may also try the plank on toes and elbows, which is somewhat similar to the regular push-ups.

If you opt to go to engage yourself in gym workouts or to invest on your own gym apparatus, you may prefer ab exercises that make use of a torso track, exercise ball, captain’s chair, and ab roller. Remember that the best daily ab exercises routine includes two or three of these exercises with 12 to 20 repetitions each. Additionally, it would also be more effective if you vary your set of exercises from day to day.

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